What a wonderful addition to your home and a huge saving on the cost of a carpet runner, so smart and stylish! Printed on a Self Adhesive, Durable, Wipeable paper, these stickers are very easy to apply as they will be made to measure.

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Patterned Window Film

. Made to measure

. Free shipping option

. Free application tool

. Easy to apply with no bubbles

We have a wide range of patterned window film designs to suit all interior styles, which are either printed on or cut out of frosted film, depending on the intricacy of the design.

The designs will be resized and the film cut to your exact measurements.

The film we use is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens and resistant to condensation, but avoid direct contact with water. It can be removed at a later stage, making it ideal for rented properties .

It is easy to apply, using soapy water and a squeegee. Designed for indoor use, but can be used outdoors (with a shorter lifespan).

What is patterned window film?
Simply put, it's a frosted film on which a pattern or design has been either cut out of the film, or printed on it.

What is the difference between a printed window film and one where the design has been cut out?
We have developed a printing method which allows us to print very intricate patterns on glass film. This method is very versatile and once the film is printed, it's very easy to apply.

When designs are cut, we use a computer led cutter which accurately cuts the design into the frosted film. We then have to remove the unwanted elements, and add an application tape to the design to help with the installation process. This method is a bit more time consuming as you have to wait until the film has cured to the glass before removing the tape

How easy is the film to apply?

Very easy, and very quick. But don't take our word for it. Read our fantastic Trustpilot reviews, they're all genuine. To apply the film, all you'll need are a few basic tools, and we even throw in a small application tool with your order for free. Soapy water is the key ingredient, which allows you a bubble free application.

Take a minute to watch our video tutorial. It's really that easy.

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