What a wonderful addition to your home and a huge saving on the cost of a carpet runner, so smart and stylish! Printed on a Self Adhesive, Durable, Wipeable paper, these stickers are very easy to apply as they will be made to measure.

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Frosted Window Film

. By the metre or cut to size

. Free shipping option

. Free application tool

. Easy to apply with no bubbles


Give your house the PURLFROST look with our range of privacy Frosted Window Films.

Widely used in commercial interiors, frosted film is increasingly popular with home owners as the contemporary alternative to net curtains. Our films are affordable, easy to apply, require little maintenance apart from a wipe with soapy water once a year. And we've been told by several dog owners that frosted film is ideal to hide the outside world from your dog, and preventing it from barking.

What is frosted window film?

It's a thin self-adhesive or self-cling material, commonly known as sticky back plastic, but the technology has moved on since you last covered your school books with it. Once applied, the film makes the glass opaque, making it ideal for 24h privacy, or to obscure an unsightly view.

Which frosted film should I choose for privacy?

. The Plain Frost is ideal for most privacy related purposes and is the perfect a home or office setting. It is colour less and looks very subtle once applied to the glass.

. Our White Frost is denser and more opaque, making it ideal for bathrooms. 

. The Etch Effect films have a sparkly finish similar to 3M films, come in 4 colour ways and are a very decorative option.

. Opal frost is a 1.5m wide film making it ideal for glass partitions and large panes of glass.

. Our static-cling frost is very easy to remove making ideal for temporary uses and rental properties.

By the meter or cut to size?

If you buy the film by the metre, most of our products have a metric grid printed on the backing paper to make it easier to mark and cut. The static and opal frosts come with a clear backing. To save time, you can order your window film cut to size. Just measure your panes and enter the measurements in the required fields, and the price will be calculated for you.

Self-cling or self-adhesive?

We recommend self-adhesive film for long term applications as it's more durable and less prone to being picked away by little hands. The self-cling film will last for years, but the day you need to hand back your rental, you can peel it off in seconds.

How easy is the film to apply?

Very easy, and very quick. But don't take our word for it. Read our fantastic Trustpilot reviews, they're all genuine. To apply the film, all you'll need are a few basic tools, and we even throw in a small application tool with your order for free. Soapy water is the key ingredient, which allows you a bubble free application.

Take a minute to watch our video tutorial. It's really that easy. There's also a great tip on how to create a clear border around the film...using a CD case!

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