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Perforated One Way Vision Window Film

Perforated film has 1000s of very small holes making it ideal as a one way privacy film. It is applied externally on glass, where it will show as white, or can be printed with your branding or shop window design, whilst still allowing you to see out.

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Our Perforated  window film, comes as a 1.27m wide roll, up to 50m in length.

The film can be applied as it is, or be printed with your branding or graphics. It is applied externally on glass for added privacy, whislt still allowing you to see out due to a mesh pattern consisting of 1000s of pin holes. It is very popular in the signage industry and is widely used on bus and train windows.

Unlike other window films, this film is applied dry.

Should you require to have the film printed or installed professionally, please contact us with some details of your project.

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