Creating heritage windows on a budget- how to use patterned window film

Whether you own a period property, or just want your house to look like one, replacing heritage windows can cost a fortune. The beautiful glass designs can be very difficult to create or replace whilst keeping in character with the building and its existing décor. The good news is that (at least when it comes to your windows) there is an attractive and low-cost option that can be in keeping with the house’s character while remaining attractive: heritage patterned window film.

What is patterned window film?

Heritage patterned window film helps you to keep (or create!) the unique style of your period home, without having to go to the expense of completely replacing the glazing in your heritage windows. A variety of patterned window film designs are available. We can also make new patterns to your specification, on request.  Drop us a call and we can prepare you a quick quote.

Heritage patterned window film - sullivan

Sullivan Pattern

Why use patterned window film for heritage windows? 

If you want to revitalise the bathroom or kitchen in your period home, you can use our heritage patterned window films to give that period look for a far lower cost than new glazing. Alternatively, you can retain the existing windows and have the benefits of specialist glass at a fraction of the cost. Since heritage patterned window film is temporary, you can even change the look as often as you want without making any permanent changes.

In the kitchen, you might choose to add glass partitions imprinted with an attractive design or add character to any glass-fronted cupboards. For the external windows, you can add partial or complete frosting for privacy or use attractive design elements to improve the look of your property.

In the bathroom, as well as using patterned window film to easily make any glass into privacy glass, you could also use window stickers to add decals or motifs to other glazed areas such as mirrors, glass blocks and shower screens. The possibilities really are limitless when you choose window film.

How to use patterned window film for privacy

One of the main advantages of using patterned window film is the added privacy that it affords you. Plus it’s much cheaper than replacing heritage glazing with modern frosted glass. This way you can protect your privacy and keep the period look of your homes. Window film is also easy to remove and replace if you change your mind. You could even use window film instead of blinds or curtains to bring in more light!

Heritage patterned window film for privacyPatterned window film for bathroomdecorative patterned window film

Sherbourne                     Kendal                    Chesterfield

Heritage patterned window film – your choices

There are several different types of window film available for your heritage windows.  You can focus on design, light blocking or evening solar window film to reduce UV exposure. When it comes to design the main two types to choose from are:

Clear pattern: this kind of film allows you to see out through the window. It can be imprinted with a pattern, such as a crisscrossed “leading” design or even a stained-glass effect if you so desire.

Coloured pattern: this option offers you complete privacy day and night – but be aware that you will not be able to see out of the window.



We are specialists in window film, window stickers and wall coverings for the UK. We launched in 2003, and since then we have been offering beautiful window film as an alternative to blinds and curtains for homes. You may wish to add privacy to your windows with a frosted window film or add appeal to your period property with a customised stained glass-style design – whatever you choose, our range of window film products that can be delivered direct to your door and applied in a matter of minutes with astonishing results.

How to stand out with personalised house number stickers

Do delivery drivers have trouble finding your house? Do you often find visitors driving past a couple of times before finding your address? Many modern estates, in particular, have unorthodox numbering conventions and it is not always simple to find the house you are looking for.  This can be difficult for visitors, delivery drivers or even the emergency services. Displaying your house number prominently is the solution, but it can be a problem finding an appropriate space to display your house number clearly. One of the simplest (and cheapest!) options is large house number stickers.

Make it easy to find you with personalised house number stickers

If the houses nearby all look similar, it can be difficult to make your home stand out. When it comes to new builds especially, there are often limitations on changing the external appearance too drastically. With house number stickers you can make a small change that really affects the appearance of your front door. You can choose your own design, font and colour scheme to show off your personality.

Get creative with personalised house number stickers

Adhesive house number stickers are a quick and easy way to show the world your house number. They are particularly useful if you have a fanlight above your door but do not want to go to the expense of having special glass made up. You can have a stained-glass effect – or whatever style you choose – and change it as often as you like.

If you have a door glazing then the decorative house numbers can stick to that instead, or even onto the exterior of the uPVC frame itself. For the best results, we recommend applying the stickers to the inside of the glass, protecting it from the elements. The external application is possible if your glass is frosted and would make the number illegible were it attached internally.

House number stickers (side)

Show your style with decorative House Numbers

The custom-made house numbers and name stickers from Purlfrost are simple when applying to any glazed or smooth surface. They will really make your house stand out from the others on the street. They are perfect for a transom window or fanlight above a door, or a glass panel in the door itself. You can have our house number stickers made to the exact measurements you require. A choice of finishes are available: frosted film, coloured vinyl or stained glass effect. Our online design service is simple to use and allows you to design personalised house number stickers or house name in your choice of colours and fonts. Adhesive house numbers are easy to apply and will last for many years.


Personalised house number stickers

Easy to use stickers

Our personalised house number stickers are designed to be applied directly to glass windows or doors. As long as the design you select has enough space, you could have a house name instead of a number. As well as house numbers for your front door, we can also supply adhesive numbers to be used on other items. For example, wheelie bins – the stickers will adhere to plastic, metal and almost any other smooth and flat surface. Get in touch with us here at Purlfrost today to discuss your needs!


Custom house number stickers








How to save money with Solar Window Film

Here in the UK, we’re obsessed with the weather. Maybe it’s because we get precious little sunshine for most of the year or maybe it’s because the weather affects our monthly heating bills. We love the sunshine and we all want plenty of light in our homes. However,  the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) element of sunlight have less desirable effects. For example, faded furniture, photographs and wallpaper, unbearable indoor heat and even skin problems. There is a simple and easy solution to this problem. Solar Window Film reduces sun glare and heat in summer, helps you to limit heat loss in winter and it’s cheap insulation which can save you money on your utility bills!


Solar window film to mitigate excess heat

What is Solar Window Film?

Solar control window film is a thin, tinted or reflective self-adhesive material which is easily fitted to your existing window or door glass panes. It is designed to reduce the undesirable effects of the sun. You can use it to block out as much or as little of the sun’s light as you desire. Making it a flexible, lower-cost alternative to blocking up or replacing the glass in your windows.

What are the benefits of Solar Window Film?

Below we’ll take you through some of the main reasons you should be using tinted or reflective window film in your home: 

1. UV Protection

Solar window film with UV protection can save your furnishings, wallpaper and paintwork from fading in the sunlight. There are also a number of health benefits associated with reduced exposure to UV light, which is linked to eye and skin problems. The UV protection window film from Purlfrost can block up to 99.5% of the harmful rays – compared to Low-E glass which stops just 60%.

Solar window film to mitigate fading of furnishings


2. Reduced temperature in summer

No more waking up to be melted by the sun streaming in during summer. Solar window film also helps to block infrared light – which is the part that causes heat. Heat rejection and window insulation film reduces the excessive build-up of heat on hot sunny days. The film is made of a thin, self-adhesive metallised material designed to block the infrared light and preventing it from filtering into your home.

3. Reduced heating bills in winter

Solar window film sounds like it might only be useful in the summer, all two days of it in the UK, but actually it’s great for winter too.  Heat rejection and window insulation film also help to limit heat loss in winter. With the same ultraviolet light protection allowing it to block heat from entering your home in the summertime. How much money you can save will vary, depending on your home. But, the less you need to use your heating to top up the temperature the more money you will save.

4. Reduce window glare

Another benefit of solar control window film is that it can reduce window glare. Various grades of the film are available to block out as much or as little light as you require. Tinted window film may help with home office productivity if you get reflections on your monitor screen. Purlfrost anti-glare film can reduce glare by as much as 90%.

Solar control window film to mitigate excess glare

5. The visual benefits of tinted solar window film

You can add style to one or more windows in your home by using tinted film, reflective films (which also help to prevent a room from turning into a greenhouse) or even blackout films that block all of the light completely. Because the film can be removed later, it is ideal for temporarily creating a darkroom or adding a splash of colour for a sporting event or public celebration.

How hard is it to apply and remove solar window film?

The self-adhesive window film is ordered in the specific size you need. You apply with a soapy water solution and a squeegee. This makes it simple for even an inexperienced DIY fitter to apply it without bubbles. Full instructions are provided, and there are even videos on the Purlfrost website to show you how easy it is to install. If you decide that you want to remove the window film at a later point in time, this can easily be done (a minimum of four weeks after application) with just a spray bottle of soapy water and a glass scraper. During its life, the film can be cleaned – only soapy water and a squeegee are required as anything abrasive could scratch and damage the film.

How to apply window film video tutorials

PURLFROST – Find out more about our products and services

Purlfrost is a specialist window film provider serving the United Kingdom with high-quality adhesive window products. We have been supplying the UK with window film, window stickers and wall coverings since 2003. The solar window film offers a modern alternative to blinds or curtains for homes and offices. Whether you want to protect your privacy with a frosted or reflective window film or add period appeal to your property with a custom-printed stained glass-style door design, our range of premium window film has the solution to your problem. All our products can be delivered directly to your door and they are easily applied in a matter of minutes.