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Window Film Installation Service for Commercial and Residential Properties

Though window film is a great DIY product, it’s not always an option to do the work yourself. Altitude, a London based company, came to us with a problem. They have a large South and West facing office, with large windows and a total of 180 panes! Great if you want to grow a crop, but far from perfect for an office. After a site visit, the problem was clear to see.

Our installation coordinator recommended a very efficient reflective mirror window film which once applied to the glass would reduce the excess glare, heat, and make the office a much better environment in which to work. The work was completed over 3 days with very little disruption to the staff, and the effects were immediate. A very happy customer!

Professional installation service for London and the Home Counties
Purlfrost window film installer applying reflective window film in London office.








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