How to save money with Solar Window Film

Here in the UK, we’re obsessed with the weather. Maybe it’s because we get precious little sunshine for most of the year or maybe it’s because the weather affects our monthly heating bills. We love the sunshine and we all want plenty of light in our homes. However,  the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) element of sunlight have less desirable effects. For example, faded furniture, photographs and wallpaper, unbearable indoor heat and even skin problems. There is a simple and easy solution to this problem. Solar Window Film reduces sun glare and heat in summer, helps you to limit heat loss in winter and it’s cheap insulation which can save you money on your utility bills!


Solar window film to mitigate excess heat

What is Solar Window Film?

Solar control window film is a thin, tinted or reflective self-adhesive material which is easily fitted to your existing window or door glass panes. It is designed to reduce the undesirable effects of the sun. You can use it to block out as much or as little of the sun’s light as you desire. Making it a flexible, lower-cost alternative to blocking up or replacing the glass in your windows.

What are the benefits of Solar Window Film?

Below we’ll take you through some of the main reasons you should be using tinted or reflective window film in your home: 

1. UV Protection

Solar window film with UV protection can save your furnishings, wallpaper and paintwork from fading in the sunlight. There are also a number of health benefits associated with reduced exposure to UV light, which is linked to eye and skin problems. The UV protection window film from Purlfrost can block up to 99.5% of the harmful rays – compared to Low-E glass which stops just 60%.

Solar window film to mitigate fading of furnishings


2. Reduced temperature in summer

No more waking up to be melted by the sun streaming in during summer. Solar window film also helps to block infrared light – which is the part that causes heat. Heat rejection and window insulation film reduces the excessive build-up of heat on hot sunny days. The film is made of a thin, self-adhesive metallised material designed to block the infrared light and preventing it from filtering into your home.

3. Reduced heating bills in winter

Solar window film sounds like it might only be useful in the summer, all two days of it in the UK, but actually it’s great for winter too.  Heat rejection and window insulation film also help to limit heat loss in winter. With the same ultraviolet light protection allowing it to block heat from entering your home in the summertime. How much money you can save will vary, depending on your home. But, the less you need to use your heating to top up the temperature the more money you will save.

4. Reduce window glare

Another benefit of solar control window film is that it can reduce window glare. Various grades of the film are available to block out as much or as little light as you require. Tinted window film may help with home office productivity if you get reflections on your monitor screen. Purlfrost anti-glare film can reduce glare by as much as 90%.

Solar control window film to mitigate excess glare

5. The visual benefits of tinted solar window film

You can add style to one or more windows in your home by using tinted film, reflective films (which also help to prevent a room from turning into a greenhouse) or even blackout films that block all of the light completely. Because the film can be removed later, it is ideal for temporarily creating a darkroom or adding a splash of colour for a sporting event or public celebration.

How hard is it to apply and remove solar window film?

The self-adhesive window film is ordered in the specific size you need. You apply with a soapy water solution and a squeegee. This makes it simple for even an inexperienced DIY fitter to apply it without bubbles. Full instructions are provided, and there are even videos on the Purlfrost website to show you how easy it is to install. If you decide that you want to remove the window film at a later point in time, this can easily be done (a minimum of four weeks after application) with just a spray bottle of soapy water and a glass scraper. During its life, the film can be cleaned – only soapy water and a squeegee are required as anything abrasive could scratch and damage the film.

How to apply window film video tutorials

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