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Sharp Snowflake Stickers

Our Sharp Snowflake Stickers can be ordered as a pack of 25 stickers, or in a size of your choice. You can also choose a colour to match your colour scheme. For a striking window display, we would recommend ordering a couple of large stickers, with a pack of small stickers to scatter around the larger ones.

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Sharp Snowflake Christmas Stickers

These gorgeous sharp snowflake stickers can be ordered individually or as a multipack, in your choice of size, colour and material.


For large stickers up to a maximum of 120cm width or height, use the cut to size option. Enter either the width or height and the tool will recalculate the other dimension automatically.

Set size stickers come in small, medium and large, and include discounts for multiples of the same size.

Multipack gives you a pack of several stickers of various sizes, in a colour of your choice. Overall size of the sheet of stickers is 43cm x 30cm.

Select self-cling for temporary displays, and self-adhesive for long term application, or for application on materials other than glass. Self-cling stickers are reusable if you keep the backing paper.

Print as shown is more suited to self-adhesive stickers when applied on smooth surfaces like walls, wood, plastic or metal; or for application of stickers on a mirror.

Print in reverse is the choice for application of stickers internally on glass, to be viewed externally, ideal for shop window displays.

All our christmas shop window stickers are printed using UV resistant ink to ensure that colours are long lasting, as well as back printing the coloured design with white ink to ensure that the colours are more vibrant.

For window displays, we recommend a large sticker for maximum impact, and a few smaller ones spread around the window to fill in the gaps.


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