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Christmas Window Stickers

We provide a wide range of winter-themed Christmas window stickers, ideal for retail outlets, bars and restaurants. These christmas stickers can be ordered in a choice of colours, sizes and materials. They can be applied to glass or any other smooth, flat surface.

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  • Easy to apply with no bubbles
  • Self-cling or self-adhesive

Christmas Shop Window Display

In addition to choosing standardly sized decals, you can purchase most of our festive Christmas designs as large individual stickers in a size of your choice, or in the case of certain designs, as a pack of individual retail stickers of varying sizes.

Which side of the glass do you apply the Xmas stickers on?

When ordering, you can select the aspect of the sticker depending on whether you intend to apply the sticker on the glass internally, to be viewed and read externally (print in reverse), or applied externally or on a surface other than glass, to be read face on as a conventional design (print as seen).

How are the stickers printed?

All our Christmas designs are digitally printed using UV resistant ink to ensure that colours are long lasting. We also back print the coloured design with white ink to ensure that the colours are more vibrant when viewed through a shop and store-front windows.

Self-cling or self-adhesive?

We recommend a self-adhesive film for long-term applications as it's more durable and less prone to being picked away. The self-cling window stickers are re-usable and peel off in seconds without tools.

How easy are window stickers to apply?

Very easy, and very quick. All you need is a bit of soapy water in a spray bottle, and the application tool supplied with your order. But don't take our word for it. Take a minute to watch our video tutorial. It's child play!

When to order and apply the stickers?

Christmas stickers are very important in the run-up to Christmas, and all the shops will have them. So don’t get left out and don’t leave it too late. October is the time when you should think about ordering your stickers, and ideally, they should be on your shop window displays by late October for wintery themes, to early November for more Christmas-themed designs. However, the weather will play a part in this - if there’s a cold spell, apply your stickers early!

What designs are available?

Our designs are grouped into festive themes and include various familiar Christmas styles. You’ll be able to order Christmas tree stickers, bauble designs, garlands, snowflake stickers and Christmas stars, alongside many other styles.

Christmas Window Sticker

All our Christmas stickers are printed which allows us to create very intricate patterns. However, should you wish to, we can create vinyl cut stickers to your exact requirements. Please contact us to find out more!

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