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Bauble Stickers

Christmas Bauble Stickers for Shop Windows

Our christmas stickers are designed for shop windows and retail displays and can be ordered in a choice of colours, sizes and materials. Self cling film is ideal for temporary displays on glass, whilst self-adhesive film is ideal for more permanent displays and can be applied to glass or any other smooth, flat surface including plastic, metal and wood.

In addition to choosing standard sized decals, you can purchase most of our designs as large individual stickers in a size of your choice, or in the case of certain designs, as a pack of individual stickers of varying sizes.

You can also select the aspect of the sticker depending on whether you intend to apply the sticker on the glass internally, to be viewed externally (print in reverse) or applied externally or on a surace other than glass, to be read face on as a conventional design (print as seen).

BAUBLES - We don't supply any strips to replicate the hanging string, but if you do an online search for skinny or narrow WASHI TAPE (which is a colourful or patterned masking tape) you'll find a great selection - Etsy sells washi tape for £1 a roll, but there are many other retailers besides.

All Purlees designs are printed using UV resistant ink to ensure that colours are long lasting, as well as back printing the coloured design with white ink to ensure that the colours are more vibrant.

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