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House number HNV 11

Order your own Victorian style house number sticker to your exact measurements, and in a choice of fonts and colours. This design has a frosted background with a transparent or coloured text and pattern. 

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1st Line

      • Arial
      • Times New Roman
      • Century Gothic
      • GillSans
      • Impact
      • Bookman Old Style
      • Engravers
      • Old English Text
      • Balmoral
      • Lucida Handwritng
      • Modernique
      • Broadway
      • Madame
  • Transparent
  • Transparent
  • Colours HN
  • White
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Magenta
  • Turquoise
  • Fushia
  • Cyan
  • Olive
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Yellow
  • Charcoal
15% off if you buy 2 or more of the same product at the same size.

I confirm that the measurements I entered are in centimetres and correct for width and height. This design is for internal application on glass and as such will be supplied in reverse, for the text to be read correctly from the outside. Use the "additional requirement" box to stipulate otherwise.
  • You must approve the preview before continuing.

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Measurement Convertor

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Product Description


  1. Enter the size of your pane
  2. Enter your house number
  3. Choose a font and font size (height in centimetres)
  4. Select a colour for the text and pattern (transparent option available)

Your design will be shown in the preview box. Make the necessary amendments until you are satisfied with your design.

To order please enter the measurements of the pane you wish to cover in CENTIMETRES. If you want to leave a clear gap around the film, just deduct the size of the required gap twice from the width and height of the window (eg if your window is 30cm x 40cm  and you require a 1cm gap all round then order the film at 28cm x 38cm).

Window film is applied internally on glass, so your design will be printed in reverse to be read correctly from the outside. If you have to apply the film externally, please let us know in the extra requirements field and we'll make sure your design is not printed in reverse.

We print coloured number and pattern directly on stock etch effect film (apart from black which we print on clear film within a printed etch effect background). 
For transparent text option, we print an etch effect background on a clear film, leaving the number and pattern see through. 

Just enter your house number in the text box and it will show in the preview. Select a font of your choice and play around with the size (in centimetres) until you are satisfied with your design.

The finished product is easy to apply using soapy water and a felt edge squeegee provided with your order.

We also supply other handy installation tools.

Please refer to our video tutorial for installation tips.

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