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Rose Coloured Reflective Film

Rose Coloured Reflective Film


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Product Description

  • For daytime privacy
  • Reduces excess sunlight and glare
  • Mitigates excess heat
  • Helps prevent fading of furnishings
  • For decorative purposes

Reflective window film has long been the chosen solar control option for commercial buildings, due to its smart appearance and exceptional heat and glare reduction properties. This film is often specified to reduce the amount of visible light and glare which can affect staff working on computers, and cause headaches and loss of productivity. Another benefit is the added privacy it offers during daytime hours, keeping prying eyes and confidential documents at bay. This film is now often used in a residential setting as a privacy film on the bottom half of sash windows for example. Our coloured Reflective Window Film allows around 20% of light through, and comes in a selection of lengths.The level of visible light this film offers is a perfectly adequate amount of light for a home or office setting. However, on dull days, you might have to put the lights on to compensate for the loss of natural light. If you are planning to install this film on a double glazed unit, make sure the glass is toughened. If it is, it will have a kite mark etched in one of the corners.

The colour will show on both sides of the glass, with the reflective finish showing externally.

Product Specification