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Metasol Polycarbonate Film

Combining both solar and heat control, our Metasol polycarbonate conservatory window film is an ideal alternative to blinds. The film can be purchased by the metre in a length of your choice, or cut to size.

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15% off - when you buy 2 films or more cut to the same measurements. The discount will be automatically applied to the price
Performances Metasol Polycarbonate Film
U V Transmission Help Icon 1%
Visible light reflection Help Icon 27%
Visible light transmission Help Icon 35%
Total solar energy rejected (Heat) Help Icon 65%
Solar reflection Help Icon 25%
Solar absorption Help Icon 46%
Solar transmission Help Icon 29%
Glare reduction Help Icon 68%
"g" value(Solar heat gain coef.) Help Icon 0.41
"u" value(EN673W/m2.k0) Help Icon
Emissivity Help Icon
Scratch resistant coating Help Icon No
Clear single pane No
Tinted single pane No
Clear double glazed unit No
Tinted double glazed unit No
Clear double glazed unit(Toughened) No
Tinted double glazed unit(Toughened) Help Icon No
Low-E clear double glazed unit No
Clear laminated single pane No
Clear laminated double glazed unit No
Internal Help Icon Yes
External Help Icon No
Internal warranty(Years) Help Icon 5
External warranty(Years) Help Icon N/A
Against Peeling Help Icon No
Against Cracking Help Icon No
Against Demetallization Help Icon No
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Product Description

  • Reduces UV light by 99% 
  • Reduces glare by 68%
  • Rejects solar energy by 65%
  • Visible light transmission 35% *
  • Save on air conditioning bills

Our Metasol Solar control film is specially formulated for application on polycarbonate conservatory roofs. The film combines both solar and heat control and is a perfect alternative to expensive conservatory blinds.

It can be applied directly to your existing roof panels with very little preparation, apart from a clean. Its flexibility allows for an easy application without creases or blisters, even on uneven surfaces.

The film has a grey appearance and therefore also acts as a privacy film. It looks very smart and unlike blinds, which gather dust, it needs very little maintenance.

Not sure whether this is the right film for your purpose? We offer free 10cm x 10cm samples. The pictures depicting the film are only for illustration purposes, so a sample is recommended to make an educated choice. If you'd like to try a larger piece before committing to a large order, just order a small amount of film to test on a pane.

Returns and refunds
We will only accept returns for films purchased by the metre. Just send it back to us in it's original condition and packaging. We cannot accept returns for films cut to size however, as they have no resale value.

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