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Home Window Tinting Service

We've got your house windows and doors covered

We offer a professional window film installation and window tinting service near you in London and greater London, and across the South East (including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex). Our dedicated team of expert installers are trained in the art of installing all types of window film. Not keen on DIY? Though applying glass film is very easy even for a novice, there are some jobs which are best left to the experts, especially projects requiring covering large panes of glass such as sliding bay windows, or where access is difficult such as conservatory glass roofs. For small domestic installation jobs in London, prices start at £200 (plus VAT), which is usually enough to cover the cost of frosting the lower panes of a bay window, for example. 

How can I get my home windows tinted or frosted?

First we'll need some basic information, by email preferably so that we have a track record of your query:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • The type of film required
  • The number of panes and approximate sizes

For difficult to access areas, or conservatory roofs, please also provide a few pictures.
Once we have your information, our installation manager will be in touch to discuss your project, and provide a free no obligation quote for the supply and installation of the film. Lead times range from a few days for the installation of stock films, to a week or more for bespoke or custom items.

Glass Frosting Service

Frosting glass is a very cost effective, stylish and efficient way to add privacy to your home. In urban settings, frosted window film has become the modern alternative to net curtains and blinds. We supply 3 types of frosts suitable for living rooms, bathrooms or kitchens.

Window Tinting

If you're home is exposed to sunlight, chances are you'll be suffering the effects of excess heat and glare. Our professional team can advise on the most suitable tint for your windows or conservatory roof, and will provide you with a free quotation.

20% Discount

We’ll give you a 20% discount if you can get a neighbour or friend within the same postcode to have their windows frosted or tinted on the same day. To receive a window tinting price, please contact us with your requirements - make sure that you add your address and postcode.

Window Film Installation

Home window tinting FAQs

Q: Is the quotation free?
Yes it is! 

Q: How long before I receive a quotation?
Once we have all the necessary information you will receive a quotation within 1 to 2 working days.

Q: Will you come and measure my windows?
Unfortunately it is not something we can help with. For quotation purpose, all we would need are approximate measurements and maybe a couple of photos. Regarding installation, the installer will cut the film to size on the day.

Q: How long does the installation process take?
Really depends on the job but to give you an idea to frost the bottom half of a bay window would take approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Q: We have a rented property. Can the film be removed later?
Yes it can. Window film is just a large sticker so to remove it it just needs peeling off.