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Office Privacy Glass Film

Frosted, printed and mirror films to add privacy to your office windows, doors and glass partitions. Window film is a self-adhesive or static cling material which is easy to apply and can be removed at a later stage. Fully customisable, window film can be printed with your logo or brand or any specific design. Order online for small DIY projects or contact our design & installation team for larger projects.

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  • Frosted films
  • Patterned films
  • Mirror effect films
  • Easy to apply
  • Removable so ideal for rentals
  • Printable

Office Privacy Solutions

When moving in a new office, one of the first concerns is the amount of windows, doors and glass partitions, which can be an issue when it comes to privacy and security. Replacing or upgrading the glass is not always the most cost effective solution, so window film is the obvious choice as it is very affordable, easy to apply and can be customised to add logos, branding or motivational messages. But by far the main benefit is that the film can be removed at a later stage making it ideal for rented offices.

Our most popular product is frosted window film. Once applied, the glass becomes opaque with a limited loss of natural light. The films come sin a selection of colours and finishes to best suit your scheme and needs.

Added Security

We're all now very aware of the importance of data and data protection, so by applying privacy film to your windows and doors, and restricting the amount of information that can be seen on computer screens or desks, you are working towards making your office more secure.

Added Safety

Another benefit of the film, especially when applied to glass partitions and large glazed areas is that it enhances safety by helping avoid accidental collision with clear glass. Safety at work and therefore glass safety are legal requirements.

Do It Yourself

Window film is very easy to apply and ideal for small projects of a few windows. Typically, a 1m x 1m window will take less than 10mn to cover. Our films can be ordered by the metre or cut to your exact measurments.

Design & Installation Service

Our custom and installation service is ideally suited for large jobs with numerous office windows, or for creating and printing bespoke designs on film for privacy and branding purposes. Just contact our team with your requirements.

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