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Bird Strike Etch Effect Glass Strips

Our etch effect bird strike prevention strips can be applied in any configuration you like. Ideally, strips should be 10cm apart, vertical or at an angle. but feel free to be as creative as you like, the goal here is to create a geometric pattern which will be noticeable to the birds. 

You'll receive a sheet with 10 etch effect adhesive strips 1.8cm wide by 2m in length. Each strip can be cut to size easily with a pair of scissors. 

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Product Description

How to apply bird strike window film strips?

The strips are designed for internal application, but they can also be used externally if your glass is tinted or has a reflective film on it for example. The first thing to do is to work out a design or pattern. It could just be vertical lines. If you are fitting the strips internally, just markout where the strips will be applied with a pencil mark on the window frame, or by applying masking tape on the outside of the glass. Cut your strips to length, then using soapy water, slide the strips into position and squeeze out the water using the tool provided.

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