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Safety Window Film 100 micron

Safety Window Film 100 micron

Our 100 Micron clear glass safety film is designed to make glass safer, both by strengthening it against breakage and by containing dangerous shards in situations where breakage does occur. Available by the metre or cut to size.

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15% off - when you buy 2 films or more cut to the same measurements. The discount will be automatically applied to the price
Performances Safety Window Film 100 micron
U V Transmission Help Icon 5%
Visible light reflection Help Icon 11%
Visible light transmission Help Icon 85%
Total solar energy rejected (Heat) Help Icon 19%
Solar reflection Help Icon 9%
Solar absorption Help Icon 14%
Solar transmission Help Icon 77%
Glare reduction Help Icon %
"g" value(Solar heat gain coef.) Help Icon 0.83
"u" value(EN673W/m2.k0) Help Icon 5.7
Emissivity Help Icon 0.89
Scratch resistant coating Help Icon Yes
Clear single pane Help Icon Yes
Tinted single pane Help Icon Yes
Clear double glazed unit Help Icon Yes
Tinted double glazed unit Help Icon Yes
Clear double glazed unit(Toughened) Help Icon Yes
Tinted double glazed unit(Toughened) Help Icon No
Low-E clear double glazed unit Help Icon Yes
Clear laminated single pane Help Icon Yes
Clear laminated double glazed unit Help Icon Yes
Internal Help Icon Yes
External Help Icon No
Internal warranty(Years) Help Icon 10
External warranty(Years) Help Icon N/A
Against Peeling Help Icon Yes
Against Cracking Help Icon Yes
Against Demetallization Help Icon Yes
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Product Description

Clear Safety Film for Glass

  • European Standard EN 12600: 2B2
  • Fire-resistance rating: M1
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • REACH RoHS compliant
  • Optically clear
  • 122cm or 152cm wide
  • By the metre 
  • Cut to size

Tested and certificated to European standards, our 100 micron clear safety film is perfectly suited for institutional buildings and workplaces concerned to upgrade glass for safety, in the context of personal injury or criminal damage.

It is also suitable for residential applications.

These films can be used on most glass surfaces, including double glazed units. 



1. "Hard" scratch resistant layer, for durability and ease of maintenance during window cleaning

2. High optical quality polyester

3. Reinforced PS Adhesive to accompany the elasticity of the film in case of impact, glass polymerization within 30 days

4. Protection release liner, disposable after installation


Small panes are easy enough to do yourself. Use a soapy water solution and the provided application tool. All our films are supplied with a set of easy to follow instructions. For large panes of glass, we recommend 2 people. You would also need a larger application tool available here

If DIY is not an option, we offer a professional window film installation service covering London and most areas within and around the M25. If you'd like a quote, please contact us. We will need your billing name and site address, an idea of the number of panes and approximate sizes, and some pictures if possible.

Maintenance instructions

Clean with a soapy water solution. Do not clean for at least a month after installation and do not apply any type of sticker or adhesive on the film. 


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