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Paw Print Glass Safety Stickers

Easy to apply frosted effect manifestation glass safety stickers designed to highlight glazed areas like glass doors and partitions, and avoid accidental collision.

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Product Description


Our Paw Prints etch effect glass safety stickers are designed to highlight glazed areas to avoid collision, and are ideal for households with small children and "enthusiatic" pets. They are designed to be applied to glass partitions, large glazed areas in retail and public areas, as well as glass patio doors and windows. They come printed in an etch effect on a clear circle and are sold as a pack of 20 stickers 75mm in diameter. When applying the stickers at home, you can be as creative as you like and apply them in a random pattern at a height that suits you. As a legal requirement in public buildings, floor to ceiling partitions and doors should have manifestation at two levels, between 850mm and 1000mm, and 1400mm and 1600mm off the finished floor level.

The stickers are very easy to apply and come with a set of instructions. You can also view a video tutorial by clicking here.

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