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Pearl B

15% off if you buy 2 or more of the same product at the same size.

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Product Description

This Pearl stained glass film design can be ordered printed on a non frosted film for added colour vibrancy, or on frosted film for added privacy. The non frosted film will still allow for some privacy so would be ideal for a front door, but we wouldn't recommend it's use in a bathroom where privacy is more of an issue, and where the frosted film option would be more suitable.

You can order the film for 1 pane of glass and we will re-size the design to suit the measurements you provided. In the case of a multipane window, order each panel of film separately to fit each pane, then use the "extra requirements" box to tell us the layout of the panes within the window (e.g 3 across, 4 down), as well as the width of the glazing bars between each pane (e.g 2.5cm glazing bars). This way, the design will be split over the whole area of glass as a complete design. A cheaper option would be to order a large film to cover the whole window and then cut it into sections yourself.

As a rule, our films are printed for internal application, and in the case of house numbers, with the text or number printed in reverse. The glass should be smooth, so in some cases where the glass is rippled or patterned on the inside, the only option might to apply the film externally. Just make a note to that effect in the "extra requirements" box and we'll make sure that the film is printed for external application.

To order, just supply your measurements in centimetres for accuracy.
For example, 300mm equals 30cm, 355mm equals 35.5cm, 1metre equals 100cm, 1m55 equals 155cm.
For accurate measuring, take a measurement at the top and bottom, as well as the left and right side of the glass. If there is any discrepancy, use the largest figures for both height and width. You can trim the film to suit after installation.
If you want to leave a clear gap around the film, just deduct the size of the required gap twice from the width and height of the window.
For any film you order of the same design and measurements, you get a 15% discount. If 2 panes are slightly different in size and to still benefit from the discount, use the highest and widest measurements. You can always trim the excess material after installation.
The finished product is easy to apply using soapy water and a squeegee. Please refer to our video tutorial for installation tips: