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Red Flutterby Window Film

Photographs of red butterflies have been used to create this stunning design.

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Product Description

This red Flutterbydesign has been created for Purlfrost by Christin Yu, a renowned graphic designer who comes from a fashion background and has worked extensively for Alexander McQueen amongst others.

She used actual photographs of red butterflies to create this beautiful and mesmerizing pattern, which has been a huge hit with the press and very popular with interior designers. There's also a wallpaper version of this design which you can find in our wallpaper section.

This design can be ordered printed on a non frosted film for added colour vibrancy, or on frosted film for added privacy. The non frosted film will still allow for some privacy so would be ideal for a front door, but we wouldn't recommend its use in a bathroom where privacy is more of an issue, and where the frosted film option would be more suitable.
However, the frosted option will make the design look duller, less vibrant.

To order, just supply your measurements in centimetres.
For accurate measuring, take a measurement at the top and bottom, as well as the left and right side of the glass. If there is any discrepancy, use the largest figures for both height and width. You can trim the film to suit after installation.

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