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Mixed Stamps Postcards

Vintage postcards showing the writen side. The postcards have been scanned and the images tiled to create this printed window film design. Made to measure and easy to apply directly to glass, ideal for privacy or decorative purposes.

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Product Description

To order this design, just enter the width and the height of the pane(s) you wish to cover in CENTIMETRES. The design includes text elements and as a rule is always printed to be applied and viewed internally on glass.
You can however specify to have the design facing externally in the Additional Requirements tab. You can also ask for the size of the pattern to be reduced so that the postcard appear smaller and repeat more frequently.
Please note that to add vibrancy to the design, we have to add a layer of translucent white ink on the back of the print. Feel free to ask for a sample first.

The film is easy to apply using soapy water, and the felt edge squeegee which will be supplied with your order. 

You can also have a look at our short video tutorial for installation tips.

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