Top 5 reasons why window films are better than blinds or curtains

Top 5 Window Privacy Ideas

Window films look fantastic and can seriously up the privacy in your home. If you’re not sure if a window film is right for you, or you’ve always had curtains, here are 5 reasons why trying something different could work for you and your home.

Better value

Compared to the cost of buying good-quality curtains and all the accessories that go with them, window films offer much better value. They’re usually cheaper and because of this, it’s much less effort and expense to change them when you want to update your room. 

stained glass window film

With a window film, you don’t need to pay for cleaning or splash out on new curtains, which can be expensive. It’s such an affordable option and they last for such a long time that you’ll definitely get the most from your budget by buying window films for your home.

Easier to clean

Curtains can be a pain to keep clean, especially if you have kids or pets. They can be a no-no in some areas, like the kitchen or dining room, too as they can hold odours. Window films are easy to clean, simply wipe them down, and they don’t hold odours or interfere with air circulation in your home.

If you need a window covering that’s easy to keep clean and maintain, then a window film is the perfect option. If you’re ready to swap h

Custom fits and designs

In the UK there’s a lot of variety when it comes to homes. That can mean unusual window spaces, bay windows where it’s tricky to fit curtains or blinds or sizes that don’t fit standard curtain sizes. Getting custom made curtains, blinds or shutters can be really expensive and usually need to be professionally made and installed – this can take time too.

With window films, weird shapes or unusual sizes aren’t a problem. Fitting can also be done easily and quickly at home using the tools provided. They also come in lots of different designs, and can even be customised to the design of your dreams at a fraction of the cost of custom curtains.

Takes up less space in the room

If you have a small room, then bulky curtains can take up more space than you can afford. Make the most of your space with a window film to stop your living space looking or feeling crowded. You can customise your fit, style and level of coverage to fit your room so it enhances your home without taking up all that extra space.

This makes window films a great idea for flats, smaller homes, outbuildings and rooms like bathrooms and kitchens where you don’t tend to have a ton of extra space available.

Makes a room cooler

A blackout window film usually blocks 100% of light, 99% of UV rays and 78% of the sun’s heat, making it a smart choice for rooms that get direct sunlight, if you sleep during the day or you have furnishings that need  to be protected from sun damage. This can even prolong the life of your furniture and carpets in the long run.

While most rooms probably won’t have full blackout window film, it’s worth knowing that this can significantly cool down a space as well as improve security and stop passers by from looking into your property.