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Solar Window Film

Solar films are thin self adhesive materials designed for heat reduction, glare reduction, and UV control. Solar control window films are an efficient tool to enhance your comfort, and to help reduce your energy costs and energy consumption, and to lower your carbon footprint through savings in air conditioning costs.

Window films can be applied to any smooth glass surface on a window, door or conservatory roof.

Our wide range of targeted solar control window films are available off the roll in a length of your choice, or cut to size to your exact measurements for ease of installation.

Installing window film is a DIY project, even for a novice, and couldn't be easier thanks to our easy to follow instructions.

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Category Description

  • Heat reduction

  • Glare reduction

  • Reduce UV light by 99%

  • Buy by the metre or cut to size

  • Film for windows, doors and conservatory roof

  • Save on air conditioning bills

Solar window film is a thin material which is applied directly to your existing window panes to control excess sunlight, heat, glare and UV light. These types of window film are clear and see through, allowing you to see out. The material is very versatile allowing you to choose from a wide range of window film products to target your exact requirements, whether heat reduction, glare control, or UV light reduction.

Anti UV Protection

Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) elements of sunlight can have undesirable effects on our homes and ourselves, such as fading of furnishings, photographs, floor coverings and wallpaper. Sun blocking and anti fading window films are a great solution and can reduce UV light by over 99.0%. Our UV control film AUVF is completely clear product making it ideal for shops, retail outlets and museums, with no loss of natural light.

Heat Control Window Film

Heat rejection window film is dual-action and a fantastic solution for reducing sun glare and heat in summer, by both blocking infrared light and reducing visible light. The most efficient films are reflective or tinted window films, and if you're window is double glazed, then external films are much more efficient as they prevent the heat from being trapped within the panes. However, solar film isn’t just for summer; it can also limit heat loss in winter, acting as insulation and saving you money on heating bills.

Tinted Window Film

Tinted window film helps control excess heat and glare by reducing the amount of light levels entering the room, like sunglasses for your windows. Our range of films come in various grades to block out as much or as little light as you need. Glass tinting films help reduce glare on your TV screens to enjoy some downtime, or on computer screens to increase work productivity. Solar control film will enhance your comfort by mitigating the negative effects of the sun, including UV rays.

Reflective Window Film For Privacy

Solar reflective film gives your windows a mirror finish when viewed from the outside. This window film is principally designed as an glare reduction and heat control film. Thanks to it's mirror like finish, reflective window film has the added benefit of providing daytime privacy, by making your glass reflective allowing you to view out one way, and for the view in to be restricted. Solar reflective film are very efficient window film products for heat reduction and glare control, thanks to the he silver reflective finish which prevents the energy from the sun to go through the glass.

Solar Films For Conservatories

Retro fitting window film to conservatory roof and side panels is very cost effective and a simple way to reclaim and make your conservatory more comfortable especially on hot summer days. Any of our window films for glass can be used to mitigate the excess sunlight, but we have specially formulated products for polycarbonate roofs.

For Added Safety 

We also offer a range of combination Safety Reflective Film for added safety and security. Once applied to windows and doors, this 100 micron thick window film is designed to hold the glass together in case of accidental collision or breakage. As well as has anti shatter and glass protection quality, these window films come with a mirror finish to keep excess heat, glare and UV rays at bay. By having a reflective window, you will also benefit from daytime privacy.

UK Based Supplier Since 2003

Our website is packed with practical solar control film and heat and glare control products, available for delivery in the UK. Our customer service and online user experience is second to none, and we are the highest rated window film company on Truspilot with over 10000 reviews from satisfied customers. We hold plenty of stock of a wide range of window films and ship stock items within 24h of your purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is solar film suitable for all windows?

    Solar window coverings can be applied to windows, patio doors, glass conservatory roofs, on any smooth glass surface. It is suitable for single paned glass, laminated glass and double glazed units, but make sure you check the film's compatibilty first as darker films are not suitable for double glazed units when not made of toughened glass.

  • How does solar control film work?

    Glass tinting films work by making your windows darker and therefore cutting down the heat and glare emanating from the excess sunlight. You would be familiar with tinted windows in cars which work in a similar way. Reflective films have an added mirror like finish, which combined with a tint are super efficient for heat reduction and glare reduction, with the added bonus of daytime privacy.

  • Is solar control film easy to apply?

    Applying any window film, including tinted or reflective film is a simple task even for a novice. The key is to ensure that the glass is clean and free from specs of paint or dirt as these will show up under the film. Then, it's just a matter of spraying the adhesive side of the film and the glass with a soapy water solution and once the film is on the glass to squeeze the water from underneath the film with a squeegee. Please click here to view our installation tutorials.

  • Is solar control film durable and easy to maintain?

    Our solar films come with a scratch resistant coating making them very resilient and long lasting. Our films come with a 5 to 10 year warranty depending on the type of film, but will last for many more years. Window film is easy to clean using soapy water.

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