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Solar Window Film

Solar window film can be applied to your windows, doors or conservatory roofs, and is designed to control excess heat and glare. Our solar control window films come in many finishes and colours, and are available by the roll, or for ease of installation, cut to size.

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Benefits of Solar Window Films

UV protection

Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) elements of sunlight can have undesirable effects on our homes and ourselves, such as fading furniture, photographs and wallpaper, causing unbearable indoor heat (like a greenhouse) and even skin problems. Sun blocking window film is a great solution to all these problems. Low-emissivity glass only stops 60% of harmful rays whereas solar window film keeps you and your home protected by blocking 99.5%!

Heat Control

Solar film is dual-action; it is a fantastic solution for reducing sun glare and heat in summer by blocking infrared light that builds up heat inside your home on a sunny day. However, solar reflective film isn’t just for summer; it also limits heat loss in winter, acting as insulation and saving you money on heating bills! 


Solar control window film also works to reduce glare by as much as 90%. Shop our range of various grades of film to block out as much or as little light as you need. Why not try tinted film to help reduce glare on your TV screens to enjoy some downtime or computer screens to increase work productivity?


Solar reflective film gives your windows a mirror finish when viewed from the outside whereas is transparent from the inside. This is principally designed as an anti-glare and heat control film however has the added benefit of providing daytime privacy.


Solar window film may have an array of practical benefits but let’s not forget the visual benefits too. You can add style to your windows using tinted and reflective films, even create a temporary darkroom or add a splash of colour; it’s simple with our self-adhesive window film.

Solar window film is the ideal alternative to curtains and blinds. The film is a thin self-adhesive material which is applied directly to your existing window panes. It can be ordered in a tinted or reflective finish, and is very efficient in controlling excess sunlight, heat and glare. Unlike other window coverings, window film is clear and see through, allowing you to see out, and is very easy to keep clean.

How does solar control window film work?

Tinted Solar Window Films work by making your windows darker and therefore cutting down the heat and glare emanating from the excess sunlight. You would be familiar with tinted windows in cars which work in a similar way. Solar Reflective Film is the most efficient as it combines a tint and a reflective finish making it a super efficient heat reduction film, with the added bonus of daytime privacy. For heat reduction with minimal loss of natural light, then you could consider one of our Window Insulation Films which are virtually clear whilst very efficient at controlling heat gain.

Does sun blocking window film work on all windows?

Solar window film works on windows, doors, glass conservatory roofs and can be applied to any smooth glass surface. It is suitable for single paned glass, laminated glass and double glazed units. 

How do you install solar window film?

Though it might at first appear to be a difficult task, applying window film in general is very simple, and 99.9% of our customers apply the film themselves. The key is to ensure that the glass is clean and free from specs of paint or dirt as these will show up under the film. Then, it's just a matter of spraying the adhesive side of the film and the glass with a soapy water solution and once the film is on the glass to squeeze the water from underneath the film with a squeegee. It is that simple to install solar reflective film for windows. Please click here to view our installation tutorials.

How much would it cost for you to tint our windows?

If DIY is not an option and you cannot apply the film yourself, for large expenses of glass or difficult to access windows, we offer a professional solar film installation service covering London, Greater London and anywhere inside the M25. Feel free to get in touch with our installation manager for advice on which film to choose and a free quotation.

How durable is solar reflective film?

Our solar films come with a scratch resistant coating making them very resilient and long lasting. Our films come with a 5 to 10 year warranty depending on the type of film, but will last for many more years.

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