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Anti Glare Window Film

Anti glare window film is designed to reduce the amount of sunlight coming through your windows, to make your home or office more comfortable. By tinting your windows, you will also reduce heat gain helping make your rooms cooler. Our non reflective window film is easy to apply, durable and available to buy either by the metre or cut to size.

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Anti glare film controls excess glare

Excessive sunlight can be a problem and on sunny days you can find yourself struggling to watch TV at home, or your monitor at work, leading to discomfort, headaches and loss of productivity. To control excessive sunlight, by far the simplest and most cost effective solution is to apply window film to your windows, roof lights or patio doors. Unlike curtains and blinds which cut out natural light, window film is translucent allowing plenty of natural light through whilst allowing an uncompromised view out.  Anti glare films act simply like a pair of sunglasses.

  • For home or office
  • Improve comfort
  • Improve TV & PC viewing experience
  • Tinted or reflective options
  • By the metre or cut to size
  • Easy to install (with no air bubbles)
  • Free application tool

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