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Anti Glare Window Film

Anti glare window film is designed to reduce the mount of sunlight coming through your windows, to make your home or office more comfortable. By tinting your windows, you will also reduce heat gain helping make your rooms cooler. Easy to apply and durable, our films are available by the metre or cut to size.

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Anti glare film controls excess glare

  • For home or office
  • Improve comfort
  • Improve TV & PC viewing experience
  • Tinted or reflective options
  • By the metre or cut to size

Excessive sunlight can be a problem and on sunny days you can find yourself struggling to watch TV at home, or your monitor at work, leading to discomfort, headaches and loss of productivity. To control excessive sunlight, by far the simplest and most cost effective solution is to apply window film to your windows, roof lights or patio doors. Unlike curtains and blinds which cut out natural light, window film is translucent allowing plenty of natural light through whilst allowing an uncompromised view out.  Anti glare films act simply like a pair of sunglasses.

Where can anti glare film be used?

In your home, office or business premises, on any smooth glass surface including windows and doors, conservatory roofs and roof lights.

Are there other benefits from using the film?

Window film is a very versatile material, and depending on the film you selected, will also help reduce heat gain, UV light responsible for fading, and in the case of reflective films add privacy.

What are the implications of excess glare?

We all know how frustrating it can be to watch TV when the sun is blazing, but on a more serious note, excessive glare can be a serious issue in the workplace, where employees can suffer from migraines, fatigue and eyestrain.

How is the glare control film applied?

Anti glare film is applied directly to your existing windows and doors with very little preparation apart from a clean. Installing window film is very simple and in most cases only takes a few minutes. Please refer to our video tutorials.

Is it easy to clean?

Window film is very easy to maintain and look after, and thanks to its scratch resistant coating will last for many years. To clean window film, use the same technique and tools as you would when cleaning glass, but refrain from using abrasive materials.

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes we do. Our team of installers can apply any film for a home, business or office, including conservatory roofs. Our service covers Central and Greater London, as well as most of the South east. Reach out to us via our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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