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Frosted Solar Film

Combination frosted and solar control film helps keep your home or office cooler with added bonus of 24h privacy. Comes in two colourways. Order by the metre or cut to your exact measurements.

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Privacy and solar control in one film

  • Control excess heat and glare
  • 99% UV light reduction
  • 24 hour privacy
  • Easy to apply
  • By the metre 

What are the benefits of frosted solar control window film?

These types of film will help reduce heat gain, excess glare, and by cutting UV light help preserve your furnishings from fading. The frosted quality of the film will make your windows and doors opaque so that you can't see through the glass from inside or outside, day or night. 

How do I order the film?

Our solar frosts are available by the metre in a width of 150cm. But to make installation much easier, we recommend you order the film cut to your exact measurements.

Is window film easy to DIY?

Window film is a self adhesive material applied using a soapy water solution and a squeegee, making bubbles a thing of the past. Please click here to view our installation tutorials.

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes we do. Our team of installers can be deployed anywhere within the M25 and bordering counties. For our window film installation service, please contact us with a few details regarding the work involvedand a member of our team will get back to you.

Is the film removable?

Absolutely. You will need a spray bottle and some soapy water, and as wide a glass scraper as you can get. 

How do I clean the film?

Just clean with soapy water and a squeegee, that's all. Do not use anything abrasive on the film or it will scratch it. 
Wait 4 weeks after installation before you clean the film.

Is there a warranty?

Most of our heat rejection films come with a 10 year warranty, but will last much longer in the right conditions. External films have a lower warranty. Please check the product's detail.


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