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Decorative Window & Wall Home Stickers

Wide range of designs to choose from including custom and personalised options. Stickers are a great way to jazz up your windows, walls, doors, fridges, or to personalise your belongings. They can be applied to any smooth non-porous surface including painted wood, metal, plastic and laminates, glass and painted walls.

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Designs That Stick

Stickers are a cheap and easy way to bring new life to your home interior. They are affordable and very easy to apply and the effect is pretty much immediate. Window stickers can be used to jazz up your windows, but also as a safety device by highlighting large windows or patio doors to avoid accidental collision.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the difference between window stickers and wall stickers?

    They are in fact one and the same. The only difference is the aspect. As window stickers are applied on and to be viewed through glass, we would typically print them in reverse on a clear material. So when you place your order, please select which aspect your require depending on whether you want your stickers to go on a glass, or on another surface.

  • Do stickers adhere to any surface?

    Stickers are designed to adhere to any smooth, non-porous surface. The best surfaces tend to be glass, metal, plastic and laminates, and varnished wood. They can also adhere to walls as long as the surface is smooth and dust free.

  • Can the stickers be removed at a later stage?

    Adhesive stickers can easily be peeled off most surfaces. When it comes to wall, you might need to touch up the paint as it is possible the adhesive will stick to flaky paint.
    If you order the stickers printed on static-cling material, they can be removed in seconds with no mess to clean up. However, static-cling is not suitable for walls.

  • Can they be re-used?

    Static-cling stickers can easily be removed and re-used, making them ideal for temporary display. Just make sure you keep the backing paper they came on.


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