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Frequently Asked Questions About Window Film

We hope that you will find the following FAQs informative, but should you need further information about our products and services, please fell free to contact us.

How do I take accurate measurements of my windows?

When ordering window film cut to size or made to measure, please take the measurements in centimetres. We recommend you take measurments both at the top and bottom for the width, as well as both left and right for the height. Enter the largest measurements and once applied it's easy enough to trim any excess for a perfect fit.

Using a tape measure on glass.


What is window film?

Window film is a thin self-adhesive or static cling material which is designed to adhere to the surface of glass, for a variety of purposes like privacy, decorative, solar control, or safety and security.

How do you apply window film?

Window film is applied using a soapy water solution in a trigger bottle and a squeegee, and the process takes a matter of minutes. We send out detailed instructions with every order – just take a few moments to read it carefully before embarking on your first piece. We’ve also created some video tutorials which we hope you will find helpful.

Can you apply window film on any type of glass?

Window film can only be applied to smooth, non textured glass. It is suitable for all types of windows and doors including double glazed units.

How long will window film last?

Window film is very durable and easy to care for. Most of our internal window films come with a 10-year warranty and would usually last much longer in the right conditions.

What tools do I need to apply window film?

We also supply a selection of handy installation tools. All you'll need is a spray trigger bottle, a squeegee and some Fairy liquid. We supply a small felt edge squeegee with your order.

How do I remove window film?

The technique is the same for all types of film, the time you will spend depends on how long the film has been on the glass for. Please look at our video tutorial

How do I clean window film?

Simply using soapy water and a squeegee or soft cloth. Avoid any abrasive material, or any strong detergent or cleaning product. 

Is window film suitable for bathrooms?

Our films are completely safe to use in bathrooms and will last for many years. We only advise that if you are applying it to a shower screen that you put it on the reverse side of the glass. Although water on the film will not damage it, over time limescale may build up on the surface of the film. We recommend you use a soft cloth when cleaning rather than anything abrasive, which may damage the film. It won’t be affected by condensation and will not peel off the glass.

How do I ensure there are no bubbles or creases when applying the film?

Our wet application installation method is a proven method for installing films and window graphics and has been used in the signage industry for decades. It works! The technique is very forgiving and gives you plenty of opportunity to reposition the film before it dries, or remove stubborn bubbles.

I want to see out but people not to see in?

We're often asked about a mirror film that allows you to look out, but people can't see in. Mirror film is in effect a reflective window film, commonly used on commercial properties. It works as intended only during daytime hours, as the level of light inside needs to be lower than outside. So, at night, it works in reverse.

Alternative solutions:

  • Use a frosted film but do not cover the whole window, position it so that it is slightly above eye level to prevent passers-by from looking directly into your room. You can still leave an area clear to enjoy your view.
  • Use one of our patterned films which have clear patterns within the frost allowing you to see partially through the film, but at the same time restricting the view from outside.

How do you make glass opaque, obscure?

Simply by applying a frosted window film directly to the glass. If you fancy something a bit more stylish, we also have a wide selection patterned window film which will also do the job.

Does window film provide privacy at night?

It depends on the film. For day and night privacy, a frosted window film or patterned window film would be suitable as they both make the glass opaque. A one way mirror window film however would only provide privacy during the day, in the right conditions.

Why is there no backing paper on my film?

 Some of our films, for example, the mirror & safety films and the partial obscure films have a thin, clear backing “liner”, rather than a backing “paper”.This can be quite tricky to peel off especially if you do not have long fingernails! We recommend you use a small piece of sticky tape on opposing side of the film, in one corner, to “pluck” the film apart from its liner. We've actually got a short video tutorial for this exact question.

How long before I receive my order?

We endeavour to process all orders within 2 days. On average, and depending on your location and whether you ordered a bespoke or stock product, your order should be delivered within a week.

How to stop window glare on my TV or computer screen

You would need to add a tinted film to your windows, which will act like a giant pair of sunglasses and reduce the glare allowing you to enjoy watching your screen in comfort.

How to temporarily cover my windows?

A static-cling film is ideal as it's non adhesive and can be removed in seconds, and even re-used a couple of times.