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Bathroom Privacy Window Film

Stylish and easy to apply selection of materials and patterns to make your bathroom windows and doors opaque for privacy. Our films are very easy to apply and can be purchased by the metre, or cut to your exact measurements.

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  • Wide range of products & designs
  • Available by the metre or cut to size
  • Easy to apply in minutes
  • Resistant to condensation

Make your bathroom windows and doors opaque in minutes!

When it comes to privacy, there's no more sensitive area than the bathroom. Unfortunately, when it comes to making the room feel private, there are currently only a few options, including patterned glass, blinds and shutters, which are not always practical or very stylish.

Why window film?

Window film is the ideal material for bathrooms as it is easy to apply, durable, and resistant to condensation. Unlike blinds and shutters which will make your bathroom darker, our privacy films are translucent and therefore allow plenty of natural light into the room. We have a wide range of products and designs available to suit your property or decor, including period designs from the Art nouveau, Art deco and Victorian era.

How is privacy achieved?

There are two ways with which privacy is achieved. The first is by applying a frosted or opaque film directly to the glass. The film is a self-adhesive material with a pattern embossed to give it the look and feel of frosted or etched glass. The second option is a printed film whereby a pattern is printed on film. This technique allows us to print very intricate patterns and create stylish and heritage designs. We can also print in colour and we created a range of contemporary and period stained glass designs printed on clear or frosted film.

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