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Learn Easily: Apply Self-Adhesive Window Film with Video Tutorials

Applying window film, stickers and other self-adhesive products is very easy and over the years, we have put together a collection of video tutorials to help you on the way. The videos are relatively short and to the point. We hope these videos tutorials make the application process even easier, enjoy!


Window Film Application Video Tutorials:

How to apply frosted and decorative window film
The technique is the same for all Purlfrost branded films with a backing paper.

How to Apply Tinted Window Film
The technique applies to all solar and safety window films with a clear liner.

How to Apply Large Pieces of Window Film
The technique applies to any large window which requires 2 people to apply the film.

How to Apply Stained Glass Film
The technique applies to all printed window film products.

How to Apply Patterned Window Film
The techniques applies to all patterned window film.

How to Apply Window Stickers
The technique aplies to self-adhesive or self-cling window stickers.

How to Apply Vinyl Cut Designs
The technique applies to all designs which have been cut out of window film.

How to Remove Window Film
General instructions on how to remove window film.

How to Separate the Clear Liner from the Film
This relates to all film which come with a clear release liner (tinted and safety, static cling, obscuring film).

How to Apply Wall Murals
The technique applies to self-adhesive wallpaper and wall murals.

How to Apply Glass Safety Stickers
The techniques applies to packs of glass safety stickers.

How We Cut Window Film to Your Exact Measurements
All our films are cut to your exact measurements using our state of the art CAD plotter.