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Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film is a stylish, sleek, modern alternative to net curtains and blinds. It's an easy to use self adhesive film which takes just minutes to apply requiring only soapy water, and a felt edged squeegee which we provide free with every order. Upgrading the glass in your windows and doors with privacy film is very cost effective. Our obscure window film provide you with the same desired effect as patterned or frosted glass, without costing you a fortune, plus natural light can still pour into your home. As the leading privacy window film company in the UK, you can rest assured you will receive films of the finest quality, with easy to follow instructions guaranteeing a near professional finish even for a novice.

Privacy film for windows is available off the roll in a length of your choice, or made to measure to your exact measurements for ease of installation.

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  • Privacy Glass Frosting Film

    Privacy Glass Frosting Film

    Makes your glass look like frosted glass in minutes.
    Makes your glass look like frosted glass in minutes.
  • Decorative Frosts

    Decorative Frosts

    Frosted films with embossed patterns.
    Frosted films with embossed patterns.
  • Patterned Glass Film

    Patterned Glass Film

    Contemporary and period designs suitable for all types ...
    Contemporary and period designs suitable for all types of properties.
  • One Way Window Film

    One Way Window Film

    Reflective finish ideal for daytime privacy whilst ...
    Reflective finish ideal for daytime privacy whilst being able to see out.
  • Stained Glass Effect

    Stained Glass Effect

    Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Victorian designs to choose ...
    Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Victorian designs to choose from.
  • Designer Films

    Designer Films

    Designs to add the wow factor to your windows and doors.
    Designs to add the wow factor to your windows and doors.
  • Partial Privacy Window Film

    Partial Privacy Window Film

    Added privacy whilst still being able to see out.
    Added privacy whilst still being able to see out.
  • Static-cling Film

    Static-cling Film

    Easy on, easy off privacy window films.
    Easy on, easy off privacy window films.
  • Total Blackout Film

    Total Blackout Film

    Make glass opaque. Black or white, adhesive or cling.
    Make glass opaque. Black or white, adhesive or cling.
  • Bathroom Privacy Window Film

    Bathroom Privacy Window Film

    Make your bathroom windows and doors opaque.
    Make your bathroom windows and doors opaque.
  • Office Privacy Glass Film

    Office Privacy Glass Film

    Films and designs specifically for office windows, ...
    Films and designs specifically for office windows, doors or glass partitions.
  • Coloured Vinyl

    Coloured Vinyl

    Ideal to make your glass opaque and add colour to your ...
    Ideal to make your glass opaque and add colour to your interior scheme.

For Full Or Partial Privacy, Day Or Night, Or Both

Thanks to its versatility, privacy window film comes in many different finishes allowing the end user to create the level of privacy required on their glass window or door. Below are some examples of the most used privacy products to suit your needs.

For 24h Privacy

For privacy both during the day and at night, Glass Frosting Film is a favourite. Once applied, it gives your glass the appearance of etched glass thus obscuring the vision both in and out. It is now widely used as a modern alternative to fabric window coverings as it requires little maintenance, and allows plenty of natural light in the room. You can also target the more critical areas by applying frosted film to the bottom of your sash windows, or part of the glass, allowing you to still see out at higher level for example. Our frosted privacy window film is available plain to look like frosted glass, but can also be printed in a wide range of designs to suit your interior scheme or your property style.

Frosted privacy window film on a bay window.









Daytime Privacy

If you tend to draw the curtains at night, then a partial privacy film is ideal as it is designed to restrict the view in during the day. A very popular option is Patterned Film which has a clear pattern within a frosted background allowing a less restricted view out and making it more difficult to see in. We have a wide range of designs to choose from to match your home decor, including period designs for Victorian and Art deco properties.

Privacy Mirror Film

Reflective window film has a mirror finish which can turn it into a privacy film during the day. For the effect to work, sunlight needs to shine on the window activating the reflective effect, making the glass mirror like and preventing the view in. Unfortunately, at night the effect is reversed as it is dark outside and the lights would be on indoors.

Temporary Privacy

Static cling films are ideal for temporary requirements as they are non adhesive and can be applied in minutes and removed in seconds. We have a frosted option, a few decorative static films and a black or white film. These products can be used on a front door for example to hide the mail whilst away on holiday and is therefore a good security measure.

Privacy Window Film To Enhance Your Décor 

No matter what your tastes may be, we are certain you will find something that perfectly fits with your interior scheme from our selection of professional privacy window coverings and stickers, which seamlessly combine style and functionality. The ideal choice for new-builds and period properties alike, Decorative Window Film will enhance your privacy or security whilst adding a decorative touch to your home.

You can express your creativity with our wide range of intricate patterns and products, add a pop of bold colour with our stunning coloured vinyl window film or incorporate a beautiful Art Nouveau, Art Deco or Victorian-style Stained Glass Film to your living room, side windows or fanlight windows. As well as stained glass effect films, we have a wide range of decorative privacy window films for you to choose from. Make a focal point of your window with our designer privacy film or our Patterned Glass Film featuring stunning printed patterns, from blooming flowers to more classical designs.

If you are looking for a privacy idea for your front door, we also have a range of door number stickers with different types of glass treatments for you to choose from, enabling you to add your own house name or house number on frosted window film.

Privacy Window Film for Bathrooms

If you are looking for a privacy glass window film for your bathroom window, cloakroom or shower window, our white Bathroom Frosted Film has added opacity making it ideal for areas where privacy is critical. It is designed to withstand condensation and once applied will not peel off. It is also easy to clean and maintain and will last for many years.

Frosted window film on a bathroom window

Improve Home Security with Privacy Window Film

Not only are privacy window stickers a wonderful way to add character to your home and to experiment with different styles cost-efficiently, but they can also provide excellent functionality too. Hide precious valuables from prying eyes with our easy to apply frosting film, or Partial Obscure Films. For added security, we also have the stick on Blackout Film, white blackout window film, adhesive or cling for short term or long term use. All our blackout film for windows in the UK are made with the highest quality materials.

For the best of both worlds, we also have our One Way Mirrored Window stickers. The reflective window privacy screen has a sophisticated mirror-like finish, providing daytime security and successfully obscuring objects from view, whilst still enabling you to lookout. Simply put, we have an array of sticky back vinyl films for windows to suit every circumstance or preference.

Buy glass privacy film online with confidence from Purlfrost

Our website is packed with practical and stylish privacy films and frosted stickers, available for delivery in the United Kingdom from our London warehouse. Our customer service and experience is second to none and we are the highest rated UK window film company on Truspilot with over 9000 reviews and mostly 5 stars customer ratings. We hold plenty of stock of a wide range of glass privacy  films and tend to ship your items within 24h of your purchase for prompt delivery using either Royal Mail or TNT for shipping throughout the country. Free delivery is available for orders over £50.00.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is privacy window film easy to install?

    Applying window privacy film has been made a lot simpler thanks to new material developments, and is a simple task even for a novice with no previous experience. Using soapy water, the tool and easy to follow instructions provided with your order, privacy film can be applied in a matter of minutes with little preparation. Feel free to view our window film installation video tutorial for tips on how to apply small and large pieces of privacy film for glass. 

  • Is there a privacy glass film you can see out but not in?

    For a completely clear view through the glass, a Reflective or Mirror Window Film could be the perfect privacy option. Designed primarily solar control, one way window film is made using a layer of metalised film giving it a mirrored effect when sunlight shines on it. This makes the glass look like a mirror when viewed from outside, restricting the view in. 

    Please note that the mirror effect can only work during the day on windows exposed to sunlight. Mirror window film offers no privacy at night, and because it is designed to control excess glare by effectively tinting the glass, you will have to sacrifice some daylight.

  • What is the best glass privacy film?

    By far the best option for day and night privacy is frosted opaque window film which has become a very popular alternative to nets and blinds. This sticky back vinyl film looks very smart when applied to the bottom half of a bay window, is easy to keep clean and allows plenty of light through whilst giving you the opacity required. When it comes to bathrooms, privacy is of the utmost importance and a frosted window film or decorative window film would be perfect in most cases. 

    If your bathroom is at close proximity to a neighbour's window, or on a ground floor, we would recommend our white frost which is a more opaque privacy film, and makes an ideal glass covering for bathroom windows or doors. For a complete blackout film for your glass, white or black blackout window film gives you the opaque window effect necessary to block out the view or to make your room darker.

  • Is there a decorative alternative to net curtains?

    Net curtains serve a usefull purpose as they allow natural light through and give privacy during daytime hours. Frosted window film is the contemporary alternative, is easy to maintain and will give privacy both during the day and at night. For a more decorative option, a decorative window film is ideal and comes in a wide range of styles to suit contemporary or period properties. The pattern can be printed in a colour of your choice, and left transparent.

  • Does privacy window film work at night?

    Frosted window film makes the glass opaque adding privacy both at night and during the day. One way mirror window films on the other hand will only give you privacy during daytime hours as once it gets dark outside and the lights are on inside, the privacy effect will be lost.

  • Is there a temporary privacy option for glass at home?

    If you are looking for a privacy window film that can be removed easily after a short period of time, we have a range of static-cling films which as the name indicates will just cling to the glass, and unlike sticky back plastic have no glue. In the right conditions, they will stay on for years and can be removed in seconds making them the perfect solution for rental properties or temporary privacy frosted film requirements. For more options on how to cover windows temporarily, we have a range of frosted, patterned, black and white Static Cling window film to choose from. 

  • Can privacy film for windows be used for security?

    By making the glass in your windows and doors opaque or reflective with privacy window stickers, you will enhance your home or business security by keeping your valuable items away from prying eyes. For added safety, when applying adhesive film on older glass panes in public buildings for example, we would recommend our combination Frosted Safety Film which is made of a thicker material and is designed to upgrade the glass to avoid shattering when broken.

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