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One Way Window Film

With a mirror like finish, one way window film restricts the view in for daytime privacy, whilst allowing you to see out. Choose between our dark, medium, light or non-adhesive one way window film options. Available by the metre or cut to your exact measurements. Suitable for home or office.

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Our one way window films are mainly designed for anti-glare and heat rejection. But thanks to the reflective quality of the mirror window films, they have the added bonus of offering daytime privacy by reflecting sunlight, thus turning your windows into virtual mirrors. The films are ideal for home or office.

Please beware that the Dark grade films are only suitable for single pane glass, or double glazed units when made of toughened glass, not laminated.

AB left a new 5-star review of Purlfrost Window Film:

I have used frosted foil and one way mirror foil in my flat. I followed the instructions, read them and watched videos, as I was applying the foils for the first time. All worked really well and I am very happy with the final result! It is important to apply soapy water, especially when removing the protective layer from large pieces. It is also very important to remove even the tiniest specks of dirt on glass. I took my time to reinspect all areas for any bubbles left. I noticed that if there were bubbles left at edges which kept reappearing, it was due to foil stretched over the edge of the glass (was too big) and I had to cut it there for perfect fit. But it was all worth it, both doors and a window look as if they were made that way. 

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