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One Way Window Film

With a mirror like finish, one way window film restricts the view in for daytime privacy, whilst allowing you to see out. Choose between our dark, medium, light or non-adhesive one way window film options. Available by the metre or cut to your exact measurements. Suitable for home or office.

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Our one way window films are mainly designed for anti-glare and heat rejection. But thanks to the reflective quality of the mirror window films, they have the added bonus of offering daytime privacy by reflecting sunlight, thus turning your windows into virtual mirrors. The films are ideal for home or office.

Please beware that the Dark grade films are only suitable for single pane glass, or double glazed units when made of toughened glass.

What is one way window film?

One-way privacy window film, or mirror window film, is a reflective window film, manufactured with a very thin layer of metal sandwiched between an adhesive layer and a protective layer. These types of films were primarily designed as solar control films for glare and heat reduction, as they are very efficient in that respect. 

How does it work?

Put simply, once one-way privacy window film is applied, the mirror effect occurs when sunlight reflects off the window. As a rule, the darker the film, the better the reflective effect is, but the more natural light will have to be sacrificed.

What are the limitations of mirror window film?

The main principle is that the light level internally has to be less than the light level externally, making this product only suitable for daytime privacy. So if your windows face North or if there's a lot of shading due to trees or other buildings, it is unlikely the film will work to its full effect. And at night, the film will have no reflective quality and therefore offer no privacy from the outside.

Can one way film be applied to any windows?

Window film can be applied to any smooth, non-textured glass, including double glazed units. There are some restrictions when selecting the dark one way mirror films which are explained in more detail on the products pages, so if in doubt, select our medium one way mirror film which is ideal for all types of glass, mitigates the loss of natural light and is still very effective.

I only want to use the film for a short period of time

Then we have the perfect product for you. Our static cling one-way mirror film is non-adhesive, can be applied in minutes and removed in seconds. And if you keep the clear liner the film came with, it can be re-used at a later stage.

Is one-way privacy window film easy to apply?

All our films are supplied with a free application tool and a full set of easy to follow instructions. Feel free to view our video tutorial for tips on how to apply small and large pieces of film.

Is there a film that works at night?

Fot the privacy effect to work at night, you will need to restrict the view in by applying a glass obscuring film like a  frosted window film or any other types of privacy films. A good alternative could be a patterned window film which can be ordered with a clear pattern within a frosted background, allowing you to see out during the day whilst restricting the view in at night from the outside.

Will the film work internally, to create a one-way viewing room for example?

Yes it will but for this to work you'll need to experiment with lighting as the idea is that the viewing room should be much darker than the room being viewed. In some cases, a double layer of film is required by adding a dark tinted film. 

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