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One Way Window Film

With a mirror like finish, one way window film restricts the view in for privacy, whilst allowing you to see out. You can choose between our dark, medium and light graded adhesive window film, or our static cling one way mirror film options, all available off the roll by the metre, or cut to your exact measurements for ease of application. One way privacy window film has a charcoal colour when looking through the glass inside, and the mirror finish is seen externally. As a rule, the darker films are more reflective and more likely to add the privacy level which allows you to see out but not in. Do make sure you check the window films specifications for glass compatibility. 

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Reflective daytime privacy window film

One way mirror film is primarely designed for solar control and to act as a window tint to reduce heat, glare and UV light (the main cause of fading of furnishings). Thanks to the reflective silver finish, the film not only rejects solar heat but as the sun hits the mirror finish, it allows you to see out whilst blocking the view in from the outside world. The reflective mirror effect only works when the light is brighter outside than it is inside, so in the evening or at night when the lights are on inside your house or office, the privacy effect no longer works. One way mirror window film is therefore only suitable for privacy during the day, and more so on brighter or sunnier days. If for instance your windows are facing North with no sunlight hitting the mirror window film, the privacy aspect will be negligeable.

One way mirror film and glass compatibility

One way vision film is suitable for application on smooth non textured glass. Care must be taken when selecting one way film for double glazed windows as the darker grades are not suited to units where the glass is not toughened or tempered. Make sure you read the specifications for all the products before making your selection.

Temporary one way privacy

If you are looking for a temporary solution for enhanced privacy or solar control, we supply a medium and a dark grade static cling reflective window film which are very easy to apply. The main advantage is that due to the lack of glue, the films are very easy to remove and in some cases can be kept and re-used at a later stage.

Buy one way mirror film online with confidence from Purlfrost

Our website is packed with practical privacy window film products available for delivery in the United Kingdom from our London office building. Our customer service and experience is second to none and we are the highest rated window film company on Truspilot with over 8000 reviews from satisfied customers. We hold plenty of stock of a wide range of window films and tend to ship your items within 24h of your purchase, using either Royal Mail or TNT for shipping and prompt delivery throughout the country. Free shipping is available for window films order over £50.00.

AB left a new 5-star review of Purlfrost Window Film:

I have used frosted foil and one way mirror foil in my flat. I followed the instructions, read them and watched videos, as I was applying the foils for the first time. All worked really well and I am very happy with the final result! It is important to apply soapy water, especially when removing the protective layer from large pieces. It is also very important to remove even the tiniest specks of dirt on glass. I took my time to reinspect all areas for any bubbles left. I noticed that if there were bubbles left at edges which kept reappearing, it was due to foil stretched over the edge of the glass (was too big) and I had to cut it there for perfect fit. But it was all worth it, both doors and a window look as if they were made that way. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does one way window film work?

    One way window film works when the outside ambiant light level is higher than the level in the room, which is why the effect only works during daytime hours. As a rule, the darker the film, the better the reflective effect is, but the more natural light will have to be sacrificed.

  • What is one way window film?

    One way privacy window film is applied to your window and doors to give the glass a mirror finish, adding instant daytime privacy. One way films were primarily designed as solar control films for glare and heat reduction, as well as UVs responsible for the fading of furnishings and art works.

  • What are the limitations of one way window film?

    The main principle is that the light level internally has to be less than the light level externally, making this product only suitable for daytime privacy. So if your windows face North or if there's a lot of shading due to trees or other buildings, it is unlikely the film will work to its full effect. And at night, the film will have no reflective quality and therefore offer no privacy from the outside.

  • Can one way film be applied to any windows?

    Window film can be applied to any smooth, non-textured glass, including double glazed units. There are some restrictions when selecting the dark one way mirror films which are explained in more detail on the products pages, so if in doubt, select our medium one way mirror film which is ideal for all types of glass, mitigates the loss of natural light and is still very effective.

  • Is one way privacy window film easy to apply?

    All our films are supplied with a free application tool and a full set of easy to follow instructions. Feel free to view our video tutorial for tips on how to apply small and large pieces of film.

  • Is there a film that offers privacy at night?

    Fot the privacy effect to work at night, you will need to restrict the view in by applying a glass obscuring film like a  frosted window film or any other types of privacy films. A good alternative could be a patterned window film which can be ordered with a clear pattern within a frosted background, allowing you to see out during the day whilst restricting the view in at night from the outside.

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