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Anti Bird Strike Window Stickers

Help prevent bird strikes with our stylish glass awareness stickers. Our stickers come as a pack of several stickers of different sizes, or as etch effect striped which can be applied vertically on large panes. It is a misconception that to prevent birds from colliding with glass, you need to apply stickers depicting birds. The key is to highlight as much of the window or door as possible, and any of our sticker designs are suitable for that purpose. As an added bonus, the stickers will also help prevent adults, children or pets from colliding with large glazed areas.

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Category Description

Glass Awareness Stickers Against Bird Strikes

  • Easy to apply
  • Stylish designs
  • Also suitable for humans and pets
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why do birds collide with glass?

     The main reason is that because glass reflects the sky, your trees or garden, the birds are confused into thinking that they can fly right through, with disastrous consequences. Unfortunately, for most birds, this will be fatal.

  • Which windows are most at risk?

    Birds will fly through small spaces so even small windows are at risk. Identify which windows or doors are most at risk by looking at them with a bird's eye view from the outside. If the window reflects the scenery, then it is a risk.

  • How to prevent birds from colliding with glass?

    Birds will react more readily to geometric patterns like vertical stripes for example. For large panes like patio doors for example, we would recommend our etch effect stripes applied vertically no more than 10 centimetres apart. For smaller panes, any of our packs of bird window stickers and decals will be appropriate as long as the stickers are not applied too far apart.

  • Should bird strike window stickers be applied internally or externally?

    All our bird window stickers are translucent and as such will be seen from both the inside and the outside of the glass. If access is an issue, or if your windows are tinted, then you can apply the stickers externally but they will not last as long as internally, though you can still expect a few years.

  • Will stickers of bird silhouettes or hawks scare off birds?

    Birds will not react specifically to any type of sticker, they will react to shapes whether stickers, stripes, circles. So when selecting a product, feel free to select one that is more esthetically pleasing to you.

  • What other benefits do the stickers offer?

    Our stickers can also be used for accident prevention by highlighting large glazed areas to prevent humans and pets from colliding with the glass. If you have small children it will be worth applying stickers at a low level.

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