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Charities We Support

Pulfrost Window film is a proud sponsor of the International Tree Foundation.

Pulfrost is pleased to be associated with The International Tree Foundation.

We are proud to sponsor the International tree foundation and our donations will help with the daily operations and the planting of up to six thousand trees annually. Here are some facts about The International Tree Foundation and why we’ve wanted to help them achieve their goal of a more sustainable planet.

What is the International Tree Foundation?

Since its inception in 1922, the International Tree Foundation has inspired people to plant trees and restore forests to benefit people and the environment. International tree foundations operate in Africa and the UK, and other areas. 

Kenya Programme

Climate change is making droughts, flash floods, crop failures, and biodiversity loss in Kenya worse than they already are, considering that only 7% of the country is forested. 

Sustainable Community Forestry Programme

Through the Sustainable Community Forestry Programme, community-based organisations (CBOs) can implement community-based participatory projects that conserve and restore local forest resources, improve local livelihoods through sustainable tree utilisation and climate-resilient development, and protect local biodiversity. 

The Africa Drylands Programme 

The programme funds NGOs so that they may deliver community-level participatory projects that address deforestation by restoring local ecosystem resources, enhancing climate change and food insecurity resilience, and improving local livelihoods, all through restoring local forests.

Key Activities of the International Tree Foundation

The International Tree Foundation has made many contributions to society in terms of events and activities conducted since the Foundation was established. 

The events include World Tree Week, the International Day of Forests, and Tree Friday. Apart from events, the International Tree Foundation also conducts tree activities such as tree planting, seed collection, and forest restoration. These are done in collaboration with organisations and individuals who wish to contribute to the environment and be a part of the Foundation.

Protecting forests

The International Tree Foundation plays a significant role in protecting forests, especially since deforestation has become an issue in many countries.

The Foundation has partnered with many organisations and individuals to plant trees where forests are being cut down. They also encourage organisations to conduct tree nurseries and start their tree planting campaigns to contribute to the environment.

Other Activities

Besides protecting forests and planting trees, the International Tree Foundation also works to improve people's livelihoods in areas where forests are being loved. Therefore, the Foundation has partnered with other organisations to conduct projects that improve people's livelihoods, especially those affected by deforestation. 

The Foundation also conducts research and studies concerning trees and forests. This research is essential since it provides information about forests and trees, such as the benefits of having trees around us.

How to Help

The International Tree Foundation has inspired communities to plant trees and restore forests since 1922. They work worldwide with a particular focus on Africa and the UK. You can help them achieve their goals by planting trees or donating to their cause.