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Gold Or Silver House Number Stickers

Create your own bespoke gold or silver house number sticker using our simple to use templates. You can entre the size most appropriate for your transom or fanlight. Our black outline designs are reminescent of Victorian gold leaf house numbers, but our modern alternative is easy to apply in minutes and costs a fraction of what a traditional signwriten version would cost.

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Metallic gold or silver house number stickers in a size of your choice. Our gold house number decals are an affordable alternative to gold leaf numbers which were popular in the Victorian era. Our stickers are cut out of gold vinyl and are self adhesive.

They are designed to be applied mainly to glass and are ideal for a transom or fanlight on a period property. They can also be applied to any smooth, non porous surface like painted or varnished wood, metal or plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are gold house number stickers?

    Gold house number stickers are decorative adhesive labels that display the house number or address in a stylish and eye-catching manner. They are made of vinyl and can be applied to glass on a transom or fanlight, or a glass front door.

  • How big is a house number sticker?

    A traditional house number for a front door is typically 4 to 6 inches tall and made of gold or gold-plated brass. A gold house number sticker can be as big as required to best suit the size of your glass.

  • What is a gold leaf house number?

    A gold leaf house number is a type of house number made by applying actual gold leaf to glass. The gold leaf gives the house number a distinctive, elegant look. Our gold house number stickers are an easy to apply and affordable alternative to gold leaf.

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