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Blackout Window Film

Our adhesive blackout window film comes in either black or white and can be used very effectively to completely obscure a glazed area so that no light can go through, and the view is completely obscured. Our static-cling blackout film is a privacy film which is very easy to apply, can be removed in seconds and re-used.

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Blackout your windows for privacy or for controlling daylight

  • Self-adhesive or static-cling
  • For privacy or daylight control
  • Available by the metre or cut to size
  • Easy to DIY

What is self-adhesive blackout window film?

It's a self-adhesive polyester film made of several layers of material, including a thin layer of metal sandwiched between an adhesive layer and a coloured layer. The material is quite thick and very effective at stopping daylight from coming through the glass. The black blackout film is slightly more efficient than the white blackout window film, but it can only be applied to single paned clear glass or double glazed units when made of toughened glass.

What is the difference with static-cling film?

The static-cling film is a temporary blackout window film more suitable to obscure the view, or for enhanced privacy, day and night. It doesn't cut 100% of daylight but will dramatically reduce it. Use on your front door when going away on holiday to hide the pile of mail. It is very easy to apply in minutes, removable in seconds with no mess, and can even be re-used if you keep the paper backing.

How is blackout window film applied?

The process is the same for both types of films, by using a soapy water solution and a squeegee, making bubbles a thing of the past. Please click here to view our installation tutorials.

Can I remove the film at a later stage?

Absolutely. For the static cling film, just simply peel the film off the glass. For the adhesive film you will need a spray bottle and some soapy water, and as wide a glass scraper as you can get. Click here to view our range of window film installation and removal tools.

How do I clean blackout window film?

Just clean with soapy water and a squeegee, that's all. Do not use anything abrasive on the film or it will scratch it. Wait for 4 weeks after installation before you clean the film.

How long will the film last?

The adhesive blackout film is very resilient, durable and will last for many years. It is resistant to condensation and can therefore be used in a bathroom or kitchen. It comes with a 10 year warranty.

The static blackout is also very durable but due to the lack of an adhesive backing will be easier to pick at. 

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