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Blackout Window Film

Blackout window film is applied directly to glass to make your windows and doors completely opaque, with no light coming through. Available in black or white, these window films are self-adhesive and ideal to create a dark room, and to cut daylight by 100%.

Coloured vinyls can also be used to blackout windows for privacy, or to colour glass.

Our films can be purchased off the roll by the metre, or in the case of the adhesive films, cut to size to your exact measurements.

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Category Description

  • Self-adhesive 
  • Glossy appearance
  • For total privacy or daylight control
  • Reduce UV light
  • Available by the metre or cut to size
  • Easy to DIY

For 100% light reduction

Both our black and white blackout films are suitable to create a dark room by reducing daylight by 100%. To ensure no light bleed, the film must be applied as close to the edges of the glass as possible, and in most cases you will need to add a bead of black or white silicone sealant around the edges of the film for a perfect seal. For double glazed units, please make sure you read the products specifications for glass compatibility information and data.

Coloured alternatives

The coloured vinyl films can be used for privacy or simply to colour glazing. they are however not suitable for 100% light reduction.

Buy online with confidence from Purlfrost

Our window film products are available for delivery in the UK. We hold plenty of stock of a wide range of glass films and ship stock items within 24h of your purchase. Free shipping is available for orders over £100.00.

Our customer service and experience is second to none and we are the highest rated window film company on Truspilot with over 10000 reviews from satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does blackout window film work?

    Blackout film is a multi layered material which once applied to glass makes it completely opaque. Thanks to its thickness and composition, this privacy window film also stops 100% of natural light making it ideal when creating a dark room, or to modify a glazed unit.

  • How is blackout film applied?

    Glass films are applied internally and the application process is very simple, using soapy water and the free tool provided with every order. Simply wet the adhesive side of the film and slide it onto the glass. Once the film is in position, just squeeze out the water with the tool.  Please click here to view our window film installation tutorials. The process is the same for all materials.

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