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Conservatory Window Film

Is your conservatory too hot? Our conservatory window films are the perfect solution to help mitigate excess heat and glare , but also by reducing the fading of furnishings due to UV light. Stylish and affordable, window film still allows you to enjoy the view through the glass, and unlike conservatory blinds is easy to maintain and much more affordable. All our films can be ordered by the metre or cut to your exact measurements.

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Conservatory Window Film - Stylish, efficient, affordable

  • Cheaper than blinds
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Allows you to see out
  • By the metre or cut to size

To reclaim your conservatory by making it more comfortable on hot sunny days, the best option is to apply a tinted or reflective film to the glass, to cut down the level of natural light, and reject excess heat before it gets trapped within the room. The best place to start is with the roof as it amounts to a large glazed are directly facing the sun. If your room is facing due South, we would recommend a dark tint or dark reflective film, as long as the double glazed unit is made of toughened glass. If not or if in doubt, select a medium grade film which is suitable for all types of glass.

Once you have addressed the roof, it is also worth considering the windows and doors around the room. Again, selct the darker films for windows exposed directly to the sun for long stretches of time. As a rule, East facing windows will get the early sun, South facing windows will get sun most of the day, and West facing windows will get the sun in the evening. 

My windows are double glazed and made of toughened glass

You're in luck! You'll be able to use the most efficient film, namely the dark reflective mirror film which we would recommend for the roof. A great combination is a reflective film on the roof, and either a heat rejection film or a tinted window film on the windows and doors around the room. The heat rejection film is designed to target the excess heat with little loss of natural light, and the tinted window film comes in 3 grades from dark to light.

My windows are double glazed and NOT made of toughened glass

This could be a problem as older double glazed units not made of toughened glass can be prone to failure when under heat stress. We would therefore recommend a medium reflective mirror film for the roof. However, the effect might not be satisfactory in which case you might need to consider a white blackout film which would make the glass opaque and control excess heat and glare in the process.

The roof panels are made of polycarbonate

We supply three types of purpose made films for polycarbonate roof. Please click here to see the selection.

Can I apply the film myself?

The answer is yes, especially on the side windows and doors. However, when it comes to the roof itself, or for large panes, two people are best suited for the job. Please do not apply window film on a conservatory roof on a hot sunny day as the film will dry too quickly making it nigh on impossible to apply. Wait for a dull, cool day or do it early in the morning.

Do you install conservatory window film?

We offer an installation service covering Central and Greater London, as well as most of the South East. Get in touch with us via our contact form and our installation manager will get back to you as soon as possible. 

For more information and advice about conservatory roof film, please click here.


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