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Stair Stickers

Our stair stickers and stair riser decals are designed to be applied to the vertical part of the stair known as the riser. We have a wide range of options including colour variants to enable you to create stunning coloured stairs at a fraction of the cost and the time involved in painting each step in a different colour. We also have a range of contemporary and period patterns to choose from, also available in a colour of your choice. The stickers are printed and cut to your exact measurements, and are therefore very easy to apply, and long lasting thanks to a protective coating.

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Category Description

Stair stickers are a wonderful and stylish addition to your home, and a huge saving on the cost and time it would take to paint each individual stair riser in a different colour, or tiled with a contemporary or period pattern.
Printed on a self adhesive, durable, wipeable material, our stair riser stickers are made to measure exactly to the size of your stair risers, making them very easy to apply in a matter of minutes. Please note that stair stickers are only designed to go on the riser (vertical part of the stair) as they will not be durable enough to withstand the traffic on your treads!

Staircase stickers for all styles

We have created a uinique collection of designs to suit all styles of interior decor, colour schemes and period properties. Our coloured decals come in a variety of shades and can either be ordered as a gradient from light to dark, or as a single colour. As well as contemporary patterns, we also have a range of more traditional peel and stick tile patterns perfectly suited for a staircase in a period Victorian property.

Ordering your stair stickers

Please enter the width and the height of each riser in centimetres on our online ordering facility. The risers on the straight part of your staircase should be the same size, but do check. The bottom step may be wider than the ones above, or may have a curved edge. The upper stairs will be varying in size if they turn onto a landing, so be sure to measure carefully and order the right amount!


Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to apply stair stickers?

    Staircase stickers can be applied to smooth, dust free, either painted or varnished staircase risers (not waxed). Depending on the condition of the paintwork, you might need to first sand down the paint before application to ensure a good adhesion, or at least to remove any paint drips. To apply your decals, just peel off the protective backing paper to reveal the adhesive side, and start applyng your sticker from one side of the riser to the other. We will supply you with instructions and a handy smoothing tool free of charge.

  • Are staircase stickers durable?

    Our stair stickers are printed on a self adhesive paper material, and laminated with a protective layer for extra durability.
    Once stuck to the stair risers, they will last for many years and only require a wipe once in a while to keep clean.

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