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Window Film

Welcome to Purlfrost the one-stop-shop for window film in the UK. We offer everything from decorative, patterned and privacy windows film, to solar control window films. All of our window films are available by the metre or cut to your exact measurements. Installing window film couldn't be simpler, and usually takes a matter of a few minutes.

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What is window film?

Window film is a thin material which is applied directly to your existing windows and doors, therefore saving on the cost of replacing or upgrading your glass. Why fork out for expensive frosted or stained glass when you can apply film directly to the existing glass and get the same effect for a fraction of the cost? 

Most of our products are available both by the metre or cut to size. Ordering window film with us couldn't be more simple. Just choose a width and length for your chosen window film, or enter your exact measurements on the online ordering facility. As for installing your window stickers, it will only take a few minutes.

Transform your windows and doors with our easy to use window film

The adhesive window film material is very versatile and thanks to the latest technology and computer-aided machinery, we can create very intricate or colourful images and patterns. As a result, we have an extensive catalogue of contemporary and heritage window film patterns which are a great alternative to patterned or stained glass, easy to apply and very cost-effective. We can also create completely bespoke window film designs like house numbers for instance. It couldn’t be simpler with our easy to edit window film templates.

We have a wide range of products to suit your purpose:

Why use window film?

Window film is a great option to create more privacy in your home, jazz up your windows and doors or insulate your windows to save on your monthly bills. Why not just replace the glass? Replacing glass is not only very expensive (especially if you’re going for the stained glass look) but it’s also very time-consuming. With window film you simply apply the window stickers yourself in a matter of minutes, or we can apply it for you!

Still not sure what type of window film you need? Below is a list of the main types of window film we offer to give you an idea of your options.

Frosted Glass Film 

Ideal for privacy or to update your interior decor, Frosted Window Film is used as a contemporary alternative to net curtains and blinds, and is also suitable for bathrooms or kitchens.

Privacy Glass Coverings

Window stickers for privacy take minutes to apply and are a lot cheaper than curtains or blinds, or replacing the glass. We have many Privacy Window Film options to choose from, including partial obscure to full privacy. We also have a range of Decorative Frosted Window Film including period designs from the Victorian and Art deco eras which are an affordable alternative to patterned glass.

Heat & Glare Reduction

Also known as One Way Mirror Film is great for reducing excess sunlight and glare, with the added bonus of daytime privacy. Our range of Solar Film also features films for UV control, heat reduction and solutions for conservatories which are too hot.

Designer & Printed 

Stand out with our curated selection of Contemporary Window Film designed by up and coming graphic designers. Definitely not available on the high street! 

Patterned Glass FIlm 

Our range of Patterned Window Film is very popular with interior designers, with designs suited for period or contemporary properties. For a bit of colour, our Stained Glass Effect Window Film collection, inspired by original patterns covers the Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras, with some modern options as well.

Static Cling Film

Looking for something temporary or a window covering suitable for a rented property? Our Static Cling Window Film is the perfect solution, as it is easy to apply in minutes and remove in seconds. It can even be re-used!.

Easy To DIY

We provide you with easy to follow instructions and a free application tool with your order. The process couldn't be simpler. Take a minute to watch our video tutorial.


Window film can be applied to any smooth, non-textured glass, and is suitable for double glazed unit.

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