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Window Film

Window film is a contemporary, practical and stylish glass covering suitable for a range of purposes in your home or office. Whether you are looking for a frosted window film for privacy, to reduce heat and glare with a sun control film, or a decorative window film to enhance your interior theme, we have a wide range of window films and window stickers to suit your needs, available off the roll by the metre, or cut to measure to fit your windows or doors exactly.

Window films are very easy to install, even for a novice, using soapy water, and the free tool and instructions supplied with your order. Applying glass window film takes a matter of minutes for an average size window.

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Category Description

  • Frosted glass coverings
  • Privacy window films 
  • Static cling or self adhesive options
  • Period etched effect and stained glass film designs
  • Suitable for bathroom and kitchen
  • House numbers and other glass stickers
  • Easy to stick on, even for a novice

Window film is very versatile

Window film is a thin vinyl formulated for use on glazing, which is applied directly to smooth non textured glass, and is suitable for residential or commercial interiors and settings. Either self adhesive or static cling, window film is designed for a wide range of permanent or temporary purposes. Glass film is very versatile and can be cut with intricate shapes, including letters and numbers, or be printed on allowing for striking graphics, using photographs or company branding.

Privacy window film

Instead of heavy and drab net curtains or blinds, privacy window film is the perfect stylish and clean alternative for your windows and doors, without having to sacrifice natural light. With many of us working from home, or living on busy streets, privacy and safety have become more of a concern. Privacy Window Film is a sticky back plastic which comes in many finishes including a frosted window film effect for privacy day and night, and one way mirror effect for daytime privacy. For a more bespoke finish, we also have a wide range of patterned window film which will make your home more private, but also match it's style and decor. Because frosted window film is resistant to condensation, it is suitable for use in a bathroom, a shower or cloak room, or a kitchen.

Frosted glass film

In order to make the glass opaque, frosted window film gives your glass a finish similar to etched glass, allowing plenty of natural light. Glass frosting film is very stylish, durable and easy to maintain, and will add privacy during the day but also at night. It can also be used for safety and added security by concealing your valuable items from prying eyes, and is therefore often used as an alternative to net curtains on the bottom half of bay windows. But as well as hiding your personel items, window stick on coverings can also hide an unsightly view, whether permanently or temporarily. We even have customers who use it to prevent their dogs from barking at the window. Frosted film is available off the roll by the metre in a choice of widths, or cut to measure to fit your glass exactly.

Decorative Window Film

You can add character to your home in an instant with our wide range of beautiful, intricate patterns, perfect for new-builds, contemporary interiors and period properties alike. Get a fresh new look with a stained glass window film for modern or period interior decors, and make your windows and doors stand out. patterned frosted film is created by printing intricate patterns directly onto the film. The patterns can therefore be selected in a colour of your choice. To partially obscure the glass, you can also choose to have the pattern in clear within a frosted background.

House Number Stickers

If you're looking to personalise your front door, you can create unique bespoke house number design stickers, in a selection of colours, designs and finishes. It really couldn’t be simpler with our easy to edit templates. Just select a colour and material, entre the glass size and the text, and we will sent you a personalised house name or house number sticker for your front door, transom or fanlight which is very easy to apply in minutes, and will last for years.

Solar control

If your home or office is too hot, and you are looking to reduce heat, excess glare, as well as decrease UV light that is fading your much-loved furniture, then our sun control films are a good place to start. Our solar reflective and tinted window films come in indifferent grades of shading, and help to reduce UV light by over 99%. Acting in a similar way to sunglasses or the tint in your car, the darker the films the more efficient they are, but the more daylight you will have to sacrifice. Mirror window film is a dual purpose material combining heat and glare reduction, and thanks to it's reflective finish, daytime privacy.

Safety and security upgrade

Window film can also be used to upgrade non conforming glass. Safety window film prevents glass from shattering in the event of breakage or collision, making it a more secure option. Safety films are clear so not to affect the view through the glass. We also supply a mirror reflective window film, combined with the safety film, for added privacy and to ward off the sun's heat and glare.

Why choose Purlfrost Window Film for home residence

Purlfrost Window Film is an ideal choice for home residence due to its many benefits. It is an easy-to-install, cost-effective way to enhance any home’s privacy and energy efficiency. Purlfrost offers a wide range of decorative window film that can be used to reduce glare, block UV rays, and provide insulation. The film also helps to reduce fading of furniture, carpets, and other fabrics by blocking out up to 99% of the damaging UV rays. It is also designed to reduce drafts and retain heat in the winter months, helping lower energy costs. Purlfrost Window Film is available in various colours and styles that can help match existing décor while providing a more secure living environment. It can also be used to create unique designs and patterns for added visual interest. Furthermore, the film is environmentally safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals or solvents. With its numerous benefits, Purlfrost Window Film is an excellent choice for home residences.

Why choose Purlfrost Window Film for business properties

Purlfrost Window Film is the ideal choice for business properties due to its many advantages. Purlfrost window film is a high-quality, scratch-resistant and easy-to-apply product that can be used to enhance or upgrade your commercial property’s windows. It provides an extra layer of insulation against the sun’s heat, reducing energy costs and making your building more comfortable. The film also provides additional privacy and security, keeping out unwanted prying eyes while still allowing natural light to enter. In addition, it helps protect your furniture and flooring from UV damage, as well as reducing glare and increasing the amount of natural light in the room. Furthermore, Purlfrost window film is designed to last for years, which makes it a great investment for any business property. It is also simple to install, clean and maintain, making it a cost-effective solution for any business owner. Overall, Purlfrost window film is a great choice for businesses looking to upgrade their windows and save money in the long run.

Not just for windows

Our stick on coverings are also suitable for front doors, patio doors, sliding doors, and we have a collection of dedicated products for glass front doors and side panels, including period Victorian etch glass effect designs which look just like the real thing. 

Buy with confidence from Purlfrost

Our website is packed with practical window films available for delivery in the UK. Our customer service and experience is second to none and we are the highest rated UK window film company on Truspilot with over 10000 reviews from satisfied customers. We hold plenty of stick on glass coverings in stock, including shop window stickers and window films, and will ship stock items within 24h of your purchase. Free shipping is available for orders over £100.00.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is window film easy to apply?

    Yes, window film is fairly easy to apply. There are many different types and brands of window film, so be sure to follow the specific instructions that come with your film. In general, however, the process is relatively simple. First, clean the window surface with a mild soap and water solution. Next, use a utility knife or scissors to cut the film to the desired size. Apply the film to the window, starting at one corner and working your way across. Use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles and smooth out the film. Finally, trim off any excess film.;

  • Is there a window film you can see out but not in?

    One way window film is a reflective material which is suitable as a daytime privacy covering. It therefore will not work at night when the lights are on in your room. For privacy day and night, glass frosting film is the best option. Alternatively, a patterned film with a small clear pattern will allow you to see out whilst restricting the view in, both night and day;

  • Is glass window film easy to remove?

    Static cling window film is very easy to remove in seconds by simply peeling it off the glass. Self-adhesive sticky back plastic is more time consuming and if the film has been on the glass for a long while, you will need a glass scraper to remove the glue.

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