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Window Film

Purlfrost is the one-stop-shop for window film. With everything from frosted, decorative, patterned and privacy window films to solar and glare control films. All of our products are available to buy pre cut to your exact measurements, or by the metre off the roll. Installation couldn't be simpler, and usually takes a matter of a few minutes using soapy water and the free tool provided with your order. Our films are professional grade products used by the trade.

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Cover windows and doors with our easy to use window film

Glass film is a thin material which is applied directly to your existing windows and doors, therefore saving on the cost of replacing or upgrading your glass. Why fork out for expensive frosted or patterned glass when you can simply pay the low price of window film and get the same effect? 

Frosted glass film on a bathroom window   

Window films are ideal for privacy

Most of our products are available to buy both by the metre or pre cut to size. Buying window film with us couldn't be more simple. Just choose a width and length for your chosen window film, or enter your exact measurements on the online ordering facility. As for installing your window stickers, it will only take a few minutes.

The adhesive material is very versatile and thanks to the latest technology and computer-aided machinery, we can create very intricate or colourful images and patterns. As a result, we have an extensive catalogue of contemporary and heritage patterns which are a great alternative to patterned or stained glass, easy to apply and very cost-effective. We can also create completely bespoke designs like house numbers for instance. It couldn’t be simpler with our easy to edit templates.

We have a wide range of products to suit your purpose:

What is window film used for?

Window film is used to upgrade or update your existing glazed areas, and is a cost effective option to create privacy, to reduce the harmful effects of the sun, to enhance safety and security, or to jazz up your windows and doors with vintage or contemporary designs. Why not just replace the glass? Replacing glass is not only very expensive (especially if you’re going for the stained glass look) but it’s also very time-consuming with extra decorating costs to boot. When you buy window film you simply apply it yourself in a matter of minutes, or we can apply it for you!Window film to control excess heat and glare on windows and doors









Tinted glass films help control excess heat and glare

Is window film cheap?

Glass film is very affordable and most jobs can be done for under £50.00, and applied on your glass within a matter of minutes. Also, it is a lot more cost effective than replacing the glass, and all the time and decorating involved in the process.

But it doesn't look cheap, and in most cases you wouldn't be able to tell that it was a glass covering. It is also environmentally friendly compared to the carbon footprint associated with producing replacement glass, net curtains or blinds.

How long does it last? 

It is a durable material which once applied to your windows and doors will last for many years. It also requires very little maintenance and can be cleaned just like normal glass using a non abrasive tool and a mild detergent like soapy water. Most of our products come with a 5 to 10 year warranty.  

Does it damage the glass?

No it doesn't. Window film is a self-adhesive or self-cling material and as such can be removed at a later stage without damaging the glass. However, in some cases, it is not advisable to use glass film. For instance, if you are planning to blackout a double glazed unit where the glass is not toughened, make sure that the window is North facing so that it is not exposed to excess sunlight as it could result in the glass cracking.

Is glass film easy to apply?

How to apply window film

Yes, it is very easy to DIY and 99% of our customers apply their film themselves with a small proportion opting for our installation service. We provide you with easy to follow instructions and a free application tool with your order. The process couldn't be simpler:

  1. Make a soapy water solution in a spray bottle

  2. Clean the glass with the solution

  3. Expose the adhesive side of the film and spray with the soapy water solution

  4. Spray the glass as well

  5. Apply the film to the glass and spray the face of the film to act as a lubricant

  6. Use the tool provided to squeeze the water from under the film

  7. Trim any excess material and squeeze any bubbles out if required

  8. Sit back and admire your handy work

Depending on the outside temperature, the film should set within a few hours.

Take a minute to watch our video tutorial.

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