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Self Adhesive Window Film

Self adhesive window film is a quality sticky back plastic which comes in a variety of finishes, and can be used for a multitude of purposes ranging from privacy, decorative, heat and glare solar control, safety and security. Window stick on covering can be ordered by the metre, or cut to your exact measurements using our state of the art CAD cutting machines. Sticky back indow film is easy to apply using a soapy water solution, and will last for many years.

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Category Description

  • Easy to apply

  • Suitable for windows and doors

  • Durable but also removable

  • Suitable for privacy, solar control, safety & security

  • Cheap alternative to curtains and blinds

Adhesive window film or window cover sticker is a cost effective material that can be applied directly to your existing windows and doors, on any smooth non textured glass surface. It is also durable and a much greener option than replacing the glass, and doesn't require to have your window frames re-painted after installation.

Sticky back plastic is similar to a large sticker and is applied using sopay water making bubbles a thing of the past.

A versatile material

Adhesive glass coverings are now widely used in interior design to enhance your decorative scheme in any room, and are also well suited to commercial buildings. Besides our stock films, we  produce a wide range of custom and decorative window stick on coverings, including house number stickers for a front door, transom or fanlight, or stained glass window film designs ideal for a period property.

Gold house number sticker above a front door

Stick on frosted window covering

If privacy is a concern, or to enhance your security by hiding your valuables from sight, we have many stick on coverings to choose from which are suitable for your home or office. Frosted window film is very popular alternative to net curtains and blinds allowing plenty of natural light, which can also be used on a bathroom window as it is resistant to condensation. Our stick on frosted window covering is very versatile and makes the glass opaque instantly. For more decorative ideas, our collection of decorative stick on window covering includes contemporary and period designs to match your interior design theme.

Victorian etch effect window film on a red front door

One way window covering

One way window film is a reflective self adhesive material which once applied to your glazing gives it an external mirror like finish, ideal for daytime privacy. The beauty of this product is that it is transparent and therefore will not compromise the view through the glass. It is however not recommended for a bathroom.

Stick on solar control

Self-adhesive coverings are very versatile and can also be used for solar control. Window tints and mirror reflective window films offer an efficient and affordable solution to reduce excess heat and glare. They are a clean and stylish option compared to curtains and blinds, with the main advantage being that they do not restrict the view when looking out. They also reduce UV light by 99% therefore helping against the fading of your furnishings, carpets and wooden floors.

Glass safety window cover sticker

Safety window films are widely used in commercial buildings as a cost effective way to upgrade old glass which doesn't meet modern specifications and standards. The self adhesive glass covering is clear and once stuck to the glass it prevents it from shattering in the event of accidental collision making it ideal for a floor to ceiling window or door. 

Glass safety window stickers applied to glass

Buy stick on covering for windows online 

Our website is packed with innovative, practical and stylish window stick on covering products available for delivery in the UK. Our customer service and experience is second to none and we are the highest rated window film company on Truspilot with over 10000 reviews from satisfied customers. We hold plenty of stock of window films and ship your stock items within 24h of your purchase. Free shipping is available for orders over £100.00.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is window stick on covering durable?

    Adhesive window film is a durable material designed to last for years, and is very easy to look after requiring a wipe with soapy water once in a while. Expect some wear and tear in areas like corridors in public or commercial buildings.

  • How to apply self adhesive window film?

    It is a simple DIY task which takes a matter of a few minutes, even for a novice. Using a soapy water solution, which allows you to slip the stick on window covering into position, and a household squeegee to secure it to the glass. Once applied, the film will last for many years and is easy to clean with soapy water.

  • Can self adhesive film be removed at a later stage?

    Yes, window film can be removed at any time with no damage to the glass. For short term application, consider our  static cling window film which is easy to apply, remove and can be re-used.

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