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Glass Safety Window Film

Safety Window Film is a self-adhesive material designed to make glass shatter proof. We have a range of films to suit all purposes, including health and safety requirements at work or in public places. Our products come by the metre or can be ordered cut to your exact measurements.

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Glass Safety Film for Windows & Doors

Mirror safety film is designed to be applied to the back of mirrors to make them shatter proof. Ideal for gyms, dance studios and hotels with large mirrors.

100 Micron clear safety film is ideal to upgrade existing glass which doesn't meet safety requirements in public buildings like schools and hospitals for instance. It is also popular with home owners with young children, and can be used on windows or glass table tops for example.

175 Micron safety film, also known as bomb blast film, is designed for large panes of glass on public buildings where there might be a threat of terrorism, or the risk of an explosion (near a factory for instance). The film is designed to prevent the glass from shattering and causing further damage or injury.

Frosted 100 Micron Safety Film is just a frosted version of the clear safety film where privacy is a requirement.

Glass safety stickers or manifestation are designed to highlight glazed areas to avoid the risks of accidental collision.

Alternatively, you can browse our full range of window and glass protection film.

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