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Mirror Backing Film

MIRROSAFE mirror safety film is specially designed to be applied to the back of mirrors as an extra safety measure in case of impact and accidental damage. This glass safety film will prevent the glass from shattering in large shards, which could potentially be very dangerous.

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Performances Mirror Backing Film
Scratch resistant coating Help Icon YES
Compatibility Help Icon
Clear Single Pane Help Icon YES
Tinted Single Pane Help Icon YES
Clear Double Pane (non toughened) Help Icon YES
Clear Double Pane (toughened glass) Help Icon YES
Clear Laminated single pane Help Icon YES
Clear Laminated Double Pane Help Icon YES
Tinted Double Pane (non toughened) Help Icon YES
Tinted Double Pane (toughened glass) Help Icon NO
Low-E Double Pane Help Icon YES
Polycarbonate roof Help Icon NO
Domed skylights Help Icon NO
Internal Help Icon YES
External Help Icon NO
Internal warranty(Years) Help Icon 10
External warranty(Years) Help Icon N/A
Against Peeling Help Icon YES
Against Cracking Help Icon YES
Against Demetallization Help Icon YES
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Product Description

Mirror Safety Film


EN 12600 standard 2B2

Our film has been widely tested on a range of mirror paint surfaces and has proved fully compatible. We cannot, however, guarantee compatibility with every paint and suggest in-house trials.

If you cannot apply this film to the back of the mirror, you can use our 100 micron clear safety film to the face of it instead.

It is ideal for commercial buildings with large mirrors like dance studios or hotels, but is also suitable for residential applications.

The film is very thick, making it difficult to cut and apply, and is therefore not recommended as a DIY product. So unless you already have experience in applying security film, we recommend our professional installation service covering London and the South East.
This film comes with a clear release liner, as opposed to our trademark paper liner available on most of our products. This makes it more difficult to mark when cutting small pieces. 

Not sure whether this is the right film for your purpose? We offer free 10cm x 10cm samples. The pictures depicting the film are only for illustration purposes, so a sample is recommended to make an educated choice.

Sample Request

If you'd like to try a larger piece before committing to a large order, just order a small amount of film, or a cut to size piece to test on a pane.

Returns and refunds
We will only accept returns for films purchased by the metre. Just send it back to us in it's original condition and packaging. We cannot accept returns for films cut to size however, as they have no resale value.


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