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Coloured Vinyl Film

Coloured window film available by the metre or cut to your exact measurements. Many colours to choose from including gold, silver, chrome, fluorescent. Ideal for covering glass, metal, plastic, varnished wood, or any smooth non porous surfaces. We also have a range of coloured frosts and coloured translucent films for glass. Coloured window film is easy to apply using soapy water and a squeegee. The material is durable and can be removed at a later stage if necessary.

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Category Description

Update your interior with vinyl sticky back film

  • Many colours to choose from
  • Buy by the metre or cut to size
  • For glass, metal, plastic and painted wood
  • Easy to apply

Coloured vinyl film is a sticky back material which can be used very effectively to completely colour a glazed area, or part cover a window or glass door for added privacy or decorative purpose. You can also use coloured vinyl film to cover any smooth flat surface like metal, plastic and laminates, or painted and varnished wood.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • What can coloured vinyl be used for?

    Vinyl film can be used to colour glass, metal or laminates with a smooth professional finish. The material is ideal to bring old cabinets doors back to life or add colour to your home. 

  • Is coloured vinyl suitable for glass?

    Yes, this type of material is ideal for application on glass as long as the glass is smooth, not patterned or frosted.

  • How do you cut vinyl film?

    When purchased by the metre, just use the grid printed on the back of the film to mark the size required, and cut the film with scissors, or a straight edge and retractable knife. When ordered cut to size, we use a computer led plotter to cut the film to your exact measurements.

  • Is coloured vinyl film easy to apply?

    Once again yes. Vinyl film was developed for the signage industry and comes with a special adhesive. To apply, all you need is soapy water in a trigger spray bottle, and we supply a small application tool free of charge with your order. the whole process for a small window or cabinet door takes minutes.

  • Can vinyl film be removed at a later stage?

    Yes it can but depending on how long it has been applied for, it might take longer to remove so think twice about using it on rented properties for example.

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