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House Number Stickers

Create your very own house name or house number sticker using a design template provided. Wide range of styles available for contemporary or period properties, in a selection of colours and finishes. Easy to apply to glass or any smooth non-porous surface. ideal for doors, side windows, transoms and fanlights.

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Make an Entrance With Purlfrost House Number Stickers

  • Made to measure
  • Choice of materials
  • Free application tool
  • Easy to apply with no bubbles

Our custom made house numbers and name stickers are very easy to apply and will make your property stand out from the rest. Ideal for a transom or fanlight above a door, or a glass panel within a door, or a humble wheely bin, our house number stickers are made to your exact measurements in frosted film, coloured vinyl film or stained glass effect film. The online design facility will allow you to design your own door number sticker or name in a choice of materials, colours and fonts. The end product is easy to apply and will last for years.

How to order a house number or name sticker

Ordering your sticker is very simple. The most difficult thing will be to decide on which design to choose!

  1. Choose a design
  2. Enter the glass or sticker measurements
  3. Enter your text
  4. Choose a font
  5. Choose a material

I'd like to have a house name instead of a house number.

That's not a problem, as long as the design you select has enough space to accommodate a name. Most will do, apart from the stained glass and patterned house number designs where there is a limited area for the text. Just enter your text in the relevant box, choose a font and a size, you'll then see a graphic representation of your design.

Are house number stickers applied internally or externally?

We always produce the etch effect stickers for internal application as the results look better externally, and the film is better protected from the elements. However, in some cases, like if your glass is already frosted, for instance, you could apply the film or sticker externally. Vinyl stickers for wheely bins for example can be applied either externally.

How are the number and text stickers produced?

For numbers within a frosted panel, or for intricate designs, we have developed a printing method which allows us to print directly on glass film. This method is very versatile and once the film is printed, it's very easy to apply.
For vinyl number stickers, we use a computer led cutter which accurately cuts the number out of the frosted film. We then have to remove the excess material and add an application tape to the number to help with the installation process. This method is a bit more time consuming as you have to wait until the film has cured to the glass before removing the tape.

Can the stickers be used on other materials apart from glass?

Yes, they can be applied on any smooth, non-porous, dry and dust free surface:

  • Glass and mirrors
  • Plastics and laminates
  • Metals
  • Painted & varnished wood

How easy are they to apply?

Very easy using the tool provided with your order, and the set of instructions we have created.

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