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Reflective Window Film

Reflective window film is a self adhesive or static cling material designed to control the adverse effects of the sun by reducing excess heat, glare and UV light.

Reflective silver window film has a mirror like finish when viewed externally, and a charcoal finish when viewed internally. Thanks to it's mirror like finish, reflective window film also helps to protect your security with enhanced daytime privacy, without losing all your natural light.

Our heat and glare reduction silver mirror window films are available off the roll by the metre, or cut to size to your exact measurements, and are easy to apply even for a novice.

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Category Description

  • For glare reduction
  • For heat rejection
  • Cuts down UV light responsible for fading of furnishings
  • Daytime privacy with the dark and medium grade films
  • Self adhesive and static cling mirror films
  • Available by the metre or cut to size
  • Exterior film for optimum results

Silver reflective mirror window film is thin material which is applied directly to your window, door, or conservatory roof, on smooth non textured flat glass. Thanks to the tint and mirror finish, these products are very efficient and will help make your home or office more comfortable on hot and sunny days, and help prevent your artworks and furnishings from fading.

Purlfrost's adhesive reflective silver window film comes in 3 grades (dark, medium and light), and a range of exterior window film options, and can be applied to single glazed or double glazed windows and doors. Once applied to glass, the mirror effect will be immediate. Window film is durable, waterproof and has a scratch resistant coating.

Glare Reduction

Reflective films are tinted films which once applied will help reduce the amount of daylight coming through the glass, thus reducing excess glare. Think of it as putting sunglasses on your windows.

Heat Rejection

The mirror finish also helps rejecting the excess heat before it has a chance of entering the room through the glass, by simply reflecting the sunlight. If heat rejection is the main concern, especially with double glazed windows, we would recommend applying an external reflective film as it is more efficient as stopping the heat before it is trapped within the pane.

Daytime privacy

A beneficial benefit of the mirror finish is the enhanced privacy. On the darker films, the high reflective silver finish when combined with sunlight will restrict the view through the glass. These types of films are very common on office windows, but home owners have now starting to use silver window film for one way privacy, or to conceal valuable items for added security. Unfortunately, the reflective mirror effect will not work at night due to the lack of sunlight, and therefore there will be no privacy benefit.

Anti Fading

All our mirror films have the added benefit of reducing the negative effects of UV light by up to 99.9%. UV light is partly responsible for the fading of furnishings, photographs and timber floorings.

Window tinting & loss of natural light

As one way mirror film is a tinted film designed for solar control, there will be a loss of natural light once applied to your windows. A way to mitigate for this is to select a medium grade silver reflective window film which will still combine both privacy and solar control, but at a level that is more suitable to a home environment. The lighter grade film is not suited to privacy as the mirror effect is more subtle.

Ideal for conservatories

If your conservatory is too hot in the summer, applying a reflective film to the side windows and the roof will help. You can also combine tinted window film for the side windows, allowing you an unrestricted view in and out, with a reflective film for the roof. We also supply reflective films specifically for polycarbonate roofs.

Practical window films

Window films are very versatile and come in a variety of options. Our static cling reflective mirror film is ideal for temporary use, in rented accommodations for example, or to apply only during the hottest season. This non adhesive solar film is easy to apply in minutes, remove in seconds and if kept safely can be re-used. Other products in the range include external grade reflective film which are more efficient at stopping the heat especially on double glazed windows.

Glass compatibility

It is worth mentioning that not all glass is compatible with window films for solar control. It is important that you understand the limitations before ordering and applying the films. The main issue is the compatibility with double glazed units. Please always check the product's specifications before ordering.

Buy online with confidence from Purlfrost

Our range of silver reflective window film products are available for delivery in the UK, with stock film orders being shipped within 24 hours of your order being made. Our customer service and experience is second to none and we are the highest rated window film company on Truspilot with over 10000 reviews from satisfied customers.We currently offer free shipping is available for orders over £100.00.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How is reflective window film applied?

    Applying window film is a very simple process even for a novice.

    Using soapy water, you wet the adhesive side of the film and the glass, and slide the film in position. Using a squeegee, you then squeeze out the water from under the film. 

    The key is to ensure that the glass is clean and free from specs of paint or dirt, as these will show up under the film.

    Please click here to view our installation tutorials.

  • Which is best? Reflective or tinted window film?

    Reflective films tend to be much more effective than tinted films at preventing excess heat. Thanks to their metallised coating, they reflect sunlight and heat away before they penetrate through the glass making the room more comfortable. Tinted films are just as efficient when it comes to controlling excess glare, but without the reflective finish and the added privacy aspect. Internally, both types of film will look very similar adding a grey blue tinge to the glass. Like sunglasses for your windows.

  • Is reflective film compatible with all glazing?

    It all depends on how dark a film you require. For single pane glass, any film is suitable. It gets a bit more complicated with regards to double glazed units. If the pane you are applying the film to is toughened, then any grade of film is suitable.Otherwise you will have to select a lighter option, or an external grade film. Please check the product's specifications and compatibilty data first. 

  • Does reflective window film work at night?

    Unfortunately, mirror film doesn't offer any privacy benefit at night. For the mirror effect to work, you need a light source to shine on the glass, i.e the sun. At night, or on dull days, there just isn't enough light for the glass to be reflective.

  • How does reflective window film work?

    Reflective film has both a tinted and mirror like appearance. The tint reduces the amount of glare whilst the reflective finish helps control excess heat and adds daytime privacy. It also stops 99% of UV light responsible for thefading of furnishings, carpets and wooden floor.

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