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Solar and Tinted Window Film

Tinted and solar control window films are self-adhesive materials designed to mitigate the negative effects of the sun by targeting excess heat, light, UV and glare. Widely used in the commercial sector, our films are also suitable for the home and as such are easy to apply using soapy water and the application tool supplied with every order.

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Our solar, Tinted and Reflective window films are designed to mitigate the effect of the sun which can make your home or work environment unbearable at times, and damage valuable artworks and furnishings. Window film is a thin material which is applied directly to the glass. You can purchase the film by the meter or cut to size, or have it installed by our team of Professional Installers.
But which film to use? Your windows and especially double-glazed units act as heat convectors which magnify the light and trap the heat. Solar window film is designed to reject some of the excess heat and light to make your interior more enjoyable.

The most common issue by far is glare which can make working conditions difficult, especially when working at a computer screen in a bright office. Excess glare can reduce productivity and induce headaches, so it shouldn't be ignored.
In simple terms, to reduce glare, you need to apply a film that will reduce the amount of sunlight, just like a pair of sunglasses would. Our Tinted or Reflective films are ideal for this purpose, and the darker the film, the less glare. So if your windows face South or West, you will need a darker film than you would on East facing windows. North facing windows shouldn't be affected. Both film will also reduce UV light to negligible amounts, and reflective films also add privacy during daytime hours by giving the glass a mirror finish from the outside.

Excess heat is often an issue with large expense of glass like by-fold doors, patio sliding doors and glass shop fronts. Again, our Tinted or Reflective films are ideal for this purpose, but in some cases reducing daylight is not an option. Our Heat Rejection Film has been designed to reduce excess heat whilst allowing most of the natural light through. It is virtually clear and therefore very popular with retail outlets and food retailers, and it also helps saving on air conditioning costs whilst helping against the UV light responsible for displays fading.

UV light can cause havoc with your furnishings, photographs and artworks. Our UV Protection Anti Fading Window Film are widely used by museums and retailers, and we've also supplied Buckingham palace. The film can be applied to windows and doors, but also directly onto the glass on your picture frames. We have 2 types, a clear UV control film ideal for retail outlets and museums, and a film which will also control excess infra red and visible light, making it more effective against all the causes of fading.

Conservatories or orangeries were originally designed to grow fruit and vegetable in all seasons. Nowadays, they are an extra room in the home which can become overheated and unbearable. For glass panes, we recommend either our Tinted or Reflective films to ward off the excess heat and sunlight, but if your conservatory roof is polycarbonate, you will need a specially formulated Conservatory Roof Film for that purpose.

In some cases, when access is compromised or when the glass is not suitable, an exterior grade film is the only option. Our External Reflective Film is designed to sustain the elements, and because it is applied externally, it is more efficient at controlling excess heat. 

Our Solar Frosted Window Films are ideal for controlling excess heat and glare whilst giving you 24h privacy. If you are looking for a other privacy related solution, please visit our Privacy Window Film page which has all the information you require.

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