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Mirror and Tinted Window Film

Our range of tinted window films offer the perfect solution to overexposure to the sun, with the added benefit of privacy and style for your home or office. Find out how you could save a fortune on window tinting with our easy to apply house window tinting films.


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The benefits of tinted window film

  • Controls UV light, excess heat and glare

  • Applies directly to your existing panes

  • Durable with up to ten-year warranty on every tinted window film

  • Easy to apply films

  • Available by the metre or cut to size

  • Save on air conditioning bills

Home window tinting can be the solution to a range of problems, such as blocking harmful UV light which can be harmful to your home furnishings and providing daytime privacy for your home. You can purchase film by the metre or have it cut to size and it’s so easy to apply that you can DIY.

We offer a range of grades of tinted film: light, medium and dark. We recommend dark tinting for windows in direct sunlight, such as south-facing windows that are exposed to the sun all day long. 

Window tinting made easy

The process of applying tinted film is very simple and very much a DIY project, with no previous experience required. Before you start, it is important to make sure that the glass is clean and free of dust or specs of paint. You will need a spray bottle, and we will supply you with a free felt-edged application tool with your order, along with a comprehensive set of instructions. Soapy water is the key ingredient, as it allows for a bubble-free application, and the whole process is relatively quick.

Once applied, our films require little maintenance apart from a gentle wipe with a damp cloth once a year.

Please take a minute to watch our video tutorial to learn how to tint a window.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can tinted window film control excess heat?

    In the summer and on a sunny day, your windows allow a lot of infrared light (IR) to enter, which can make a room unbearably hot. Double glazed windows also act as heat storage units by trapping the heat in, causing excess heat which can be extremely uncomfortable to live with. Unbearable heat can affect productivity at work, and lead to an increase in your heating and air conditioning bills. The concept of tinted window film is to create a barrier, using reflection, nano-ceramic and metalized finishes, but also by darkening the glass, to prevent the heat from going through the glass and being trapped in the room.

  • How do I stop excess glare on my TV and computer screens?

    The excessive brightness of the sun can make your home or work environment very uncomfortable, and can cause a number of health issues, ranging from headaches caused by sun glare to eye and skin problems caused by harmful UV rays. Our tinted window films block up to 99.5% of UV rays as well as reduce the excess visible light. These tinted window films come in a variety of grades and finishes to ensure that you get the ideal amount of light in your home or office.

  • Is there a solution to stop our conservatory from getting too hot?

    Conservatories are a great addition to a home; they are bright and beautiful on a sunny day however can become unused in the summer as they become too hot. With our tinted window film you can easily stop your conservatory becoming too hot in summer and make the most of it. 

  • My home furnishings are fading. Is there a solution?

    Ultraviolet (UV) light is responsible for much of the long-term fading and damage to household items; paintings, photographs and your furniture are all vulnerable to UV rays. Our home window tint film can protect some of your most valuable possessions with UV protection anti-fading qualities. We're proud to say that Buckingham Palace has used our UV film, as well as numerous museums and retailers!

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