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Modern Stained Glass Film

Our range of modern stained glass effect window film designs is a contemporary take on real stained glass, but at a fraction of the cost. Ordering your contemporary stained glass pattern couldn't be simpler. Just measure both the width and height of your pane(s), and the design will be resized to your exact measurements. 

Applying your stained glass film takes a matter of minutes, and the process is very simple using soapy water and a small felt edged tool provided free with your order. 

Our designs are printed on a wide format digital printer and the colours are very vibrant, both when looking from inside and outside.

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Thanks to the latest printing technology, it is now possible to create stunning printed window films with vibrant colours, and very intricate patterns. We have taken this opportunity to create a range of contemporary designs, which are our take on modern stained glass. 

Unlike actual stained glass, printed window film is very cost effective, and a practical solution to add privacy or enhance your home decor. It can be ordered and delivered within a matter of days, and installed on your windows and doors in minutes, with little preparation, or any prior experience. The designs are printed on self adhesive window film, which is a durable material, that be removed at a later stage if required, without damaging the glass.

Window film is resistant to condensation and can therefore be applied in a bathroom or shower room setting, but avoid direct contact with water. 

Applying modern stained glass film couldn’t be easier, and in most cases, the whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes. All you need is the small application tool provided free with your order, soapy water in a spray bottle, and the instructions of course. Please have a look at our video tutorial , it's really that simple!

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