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Safety & Reflective Window Film

Combination safety and reflective film is designed to mitigate excess heat, sunlight and glare whilst making the glass shatter proof. Ideal for large glazed areas in commercial or public buildings, the film is available in 2 shades, by the metre or cut to size.

Glazing Safety Film

Combination safety film, to make your glass shatter proof, and solar reflecttive film to control excess heat gain and  glare.

British and EU Standards Certification:
COM-100/20 safety window film
BS 6206 (6 and 4mm glass): B
BS EN 12600 (6 and 4mm glass): 2B2

We have 2 types of combination safety and solar reflective film to best suit your needs.

Safety film is a clear high quality polyester film designed to make glass safer, both by strengthening it against breakage and by containment of dangerous shards in situations where breakage does occur.

Tested and certificated to British and EU standards, our 100 micron clear safety film is used as a minimum specification for safety film and is usually adequate for institutional buildings and workplaces concerned to upgrade glass for safety in the context of personal impact. It is also suitable for residential applications

Solar reflective film is designed to ward off the sun's glare and heat and to keep your home, office or conservatory cooler. We have a selection of window tint films on offer to suit your requirements.

As a rule, we recommend the darker films for south facing windows, where the sun is harsher.
East facing windows will be exposed in the morning, when the sun is low, and west facing windows in the afternoon when the sun is high, but brighter.

For east and west facing, we recommend both the dark and the medium films, depending on how exposed your windows are to the sun. North facing windows shouldn't be too affected by the sun.

It is also suitable for residential applications.

These films can be used on most glass surfaces, including double glazed units, and are very easy to install.

  • Superior heat rejection
  • Reduced fading of interior furnishings
  • Blocking of sun's heat and glare
  • Energy savings through lower air conditioning costs
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to install

See our full range of glass and window protection film.

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