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Conservatory Polycarbonate Roof Window Film

Our solar film for polycarbonate conservatory roof is specially formulated, combining solar, UV, glare and heat control and providing a clean and stylish alternative to expensive conservatory blinds which is also much easier to maintain.

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Category Description

Window film can be applied directly to your existing roof panels with very little preparation, apart from a clean. Once applied, window film looks very smart and unlike blinds, which gather dust, it needs very little maintenance.
If your conservatory roof is made of glass, then a straightforward reflective or tinted window film will be suitable but if you need UV protection for polycarbonate windows, then this is the film for you.

Applying solar film for polycarbonate conservatory roof requires two sets of hands, and in some cases, some access equipment like a scaffold tower. This depends on the size and shape of your conservatory.

  • Improve comfort
  • Clean alternative to blinds
  • Frosted or reflective options
  • By the metre or cut to size
  • Easy to install (with no air bubbles)
  • Free application tool
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which polycarbonate roof film should I choose?

    Our reflective plastic conservatory roof film has a mirror finish when looking at it from the outside, giving you added privacy. The film is see through so the view above will not be compromised.
    Metasol has a frosted finish for added privacy, so you can't see through it.
    Extasol is designed for external use and is ideal for commercial buildings where internal access is an issue.


  • How does reflective film works?

    The clue is in the name. The film reflects excess sunlight away from the glass, which makes it super efficient. It also stops 99% of UV light, saving your art pieces and furnishings from fading.


  • Is there a warranty?

    Our films come with a 5 to 8 year warranty, but they will last much longer.


  • How is window film manufactured?

    The key with solar film for polycarbonate conservatory roof s is the type of adhesive used. As polycarbonate is less stable than glass, it tends to shrink and expand with changing temperatures. The adhesive used is half permanent to prevent the film from cracking due to the expansion and contraction of the plastic.

  • How is window film applied?

    The film is a self adhesive material applied using a soapy water solution and a squeegee, making bubbles a thing of the past.
    Please click here to view our installation tutorials.


    Preparation of the room is key. Make sure you remove as much furniture and furnishings as the film is applied with copious amounts of soapy water. It helps to pre-cut the film to the exact sizes required. Most conservatories have long panes of glass so 2 people is a must, so you will need 2 ladders or trestles and boards.

  • Can I remove the film at a later stage?

    You can but to be honest, it won't be an easy job so if you think you might have to remove the film at a later stage, think twice about applying it in the first place. The key is to not damage the plastic with scrapers and sharp blades.


  • How do I clean window film?

    Cleaning solar film for polycarbonate conservatory roof s is just as easy as cleaning our other window films. Just clean with soapy water and a squeegee, that's all. Do not use anything abrasive on the film or it will scratch it. Also, remember to wait four weeks after installation before you clean the film.


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