Top 10 Best Examples of Window Frosting

Are you looking for inspiration for how best to apply window frosting to your home or office? We’ve collected some of our favourite examples from our 15 years of experience here at Purlfrost.

Frosted windows can often be very costly. Not only is the glass itself expensive, but high installation and replacement costs can make frosted windows poor value for money. However, if you see an example of window frosting that you love, there is a simpler and cheaper alternative that delivers the same attractive and high-quality look to your windows.

Read on to find out more and see our top 10 best examples of window frosting!


Best Examples of Window Frosting

Our first example of great window frosting is this simple acid etched design. Acid etching is one of the most popular window design techniques available. As a result in this example, the artist creates a glossy and professional finish to the windows. But did you know that you can create the same result with window film? In fact, you can replicate a wide variety of frosting effects easily and affordably.


Window frosting film has a number of key advantages over traditional design techniques such as acid etching. These include:

  • A significantly lower cost
  • The flexibility to change your designs regularly
  • Greater control over the amount of light in your home

The added benefits provided by window film make it an ideal choice for redecorating your home.


Best Examples of Window Frosting

Many people will be looking for an understated yet contemporary look to their windows. As seen above, this blue etch frosted window film is a great choice for those requiring a sleek and modern design. Above all, this frosted film provides privacy in any lighting and is easy to remove and replace.


Best Examples of Window Frosting

At Purlfrost, we love this combination of stained glass and frosting in one design. These two-in-one designs can provide a colourful and elegant addition to your home. The window film example above is far less expensive than traditional stained and frosted glass.


Best Examples of Window Frosting

This is a beautiful example of a decorative frosted window film. Floral frosted patterns like this ‘breeze’ motif are a popular choice amongst designers. They combine privacy with an intricate and flowing design.


Best Examples of Window Frosting

Many homeowners will be looking for window frosting that complements the period features of their home. Therefore, Heritage patterns such as the Chesham pattern above fit seamlessly into period properties.


Best Examples of Window Frosting

This is one of our favourite examples of highly functional window frosting. This frosted solar control window film provides:

  • Around the clock privacy
  • Reduction in sun glare and excessive heat
  • Insulation for the winter months
  • Protection for your health and home against UV light


Best Examples of Window Frosting

Bespoke window designs for your front door can create a great first impression of your home. The example above combines frosting with the house number, certainly creating a unique image personalised to the property.


Best Examples of Window Frosting

You can transform your office into a more inspiring place to work with a great frosted window sticker. Above all, you can place your company values or a favourite quote on your office windows to motivate you and your colleagues.


Best Examples of Window Frosting

A powerful image such as a skyline can make your window stand out from the crowd. At Purlfrost, we produce many of these photographic style window designs. We collaborate with young and upcoming designers to provide beautiful films in a variety of frosted and stained glass styles. Our current choices include:


Best Examples of Window Frosting

No one variety of window frosting can suit every situation. You can make your frosted windows unique with our range of blurred, graded and strand window films. As a result, you can use these films to provide privacy in some areas of your window and maximum light in others. These designs also provide a stylish and fluid look to your windows that would be more difficult to replicate with traditional frosted glass.


So, how I do I find the best window frosting film for my situation?

At Purlfrost, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing innovative and high-quality window films for the past 15 years. We’re very proud of our independent customer reviews and the service we deliver. Get in contact with us to find the best film and fit for your windows.


Top 10 Motivational Quotes for Success

In the instagram age, there is no shortage of motivational quotes to inspire and uplift. A young entrepreneur can find myriad bite-sized pieces of advice. To make it easier, here are the top 10 pearls of wisdom from – and for – the financially savvy:

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” – Bill Gates

We begin with the Microsoft maverick, Bill Gates, who offers a simple lesson: embrace constructive criticism. Whether it’s a mentor, a team leader, or a customer, find a person you respect and trust, and let them help you to grow.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” – Robert H. Schuller

Business is like the wild west sometimes and this sage piece of advice is a timely reminder. Resilience is the ultimate currency for an entrepreneur, so keep your head down when times get tough.

“Vague goals produce vague results.” – Jack Canfield

And here we have it, folks: focus! Before you initiate anything in business, make sure that you know what it is that you are aiming to achieve.

“Great things in business are never done by one person: they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

One thing we can probably all agree on is that the founder of Apple knew a thing or two about founding an innovative venture. Teamwork is crucial if you want your business to be the most dynamic and productive place that it can be.

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” – Tim Ferris

In business, it’s only what you do that truly counts, not what you appear to be doing. Efficiency and accomplishment trump the illusion of activity.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

Business is a creative enterprise – creating opportunity, that is. Don’t sit back and wait for success to happen to you; ensure that you achieve your goals by making things happen.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet is famous for his foresight, so this quote is no surprise. A simple message: remember to think ahead because you will reap the rewards later.

“The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg

A known risk taker with Facebook, Zuckerberg shows that it can pay off. If you have a vision, pursue it!

“If there’s a way to do it better… find it.” – Thomas A. Edison

As anyone who has ever used an electric lightbulb likely knows, Edison knew a thing or two about innovation. Invention is one of the main seeds of business, and the desire to improve and innovative is crucial for business success.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Finally, we can all count on Walt Disney to provide a happy ending, and here we have it: just get out there and do it. Armed with all of these wise words, begin today and achieve your dreams!

Inspire Your Office

With our new range of custom quotes stickers, you can make as clear and bold a statement as you want. Whether you want to inspire your team to greatness, or to remind them of your core values, a custom wall sticker is a great wake to make an aestheticly pleasing and motivating impression. If you want to know more, get in touch today.

Our Top Tips for Decorating Your Shop Windows

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time for retailers to put some thought into their displays. Embracing the seasonal spirit with a shop window display is not only welcoming, but also attracts customers into your shop. Here’s out top ten tips for decorating your shop windows this Christmas.Shop window Christmas display

1. Decorate your Shop Windows with Festive Stickers

Festive stickers to brighten up your display. The range of stickers are bright and colourful, with a range of styles to suit any type of shop or cafe.

2. Make it a White Christmas with some Fake Snow

Add some fake snow for a wintery feel. Even if a white Christmas isn’t in the forecast, add some fake snow to your shop window for that festive look.

3. Feature Your Sales with Festive Sale Stickers

Make your sale festive with winter sale stickers. A sale can encourage more customers but incorporate it into your festive design for a sleek transition from window to shop.

4. Show Off Your Favourite Party Pieces

Include your favourite party pieces. If you’re a fashion or clothing store, glittery and sparkly items can attract the eye and complement a Christmas window feature.

5. Don’t Forget The Baubles!

Use space wisely with hanging decorations. If you have limited space, hanging baubles, snowflakes or lights can accentuate a shop window without using up precious space.

6. Try a Designer Edge

Make your cafe or restaurant stand out with designer window stickers. People doing their Christmas shopping might want a break from the bustle; make your cafe look inviting and unique with our stickers.

7. Don’t Distract from the Centrepiece

Showcase your products without a busy window display. These border stickers can highlight your best winter range without distraction or heavy use of festive decorations.

8. Get Passers-By Involved

Make it interactive. Add a camera and screen to your window which can include photo filters and targeted advertising to make your window fun and a place to be!

9. Make It Personal

Invest in a custom print. If you’re design or shop is unique, this can be an option for you. Any sticker can be printed to show off your items and features this Christmas and help you stand out on the high street.

10. Have fun!

Include your staff in the process and ideas to see what they want. Make it a team exercise for more bonding and something they’ll be proud of!


How Security Window Film Can Help Protect Your Business

As we head into the winter with longer nights approaching, business owners’ minds are beginning to turn to security options. With a greater number of hours of darkness, comes a greater risk of damage to your windows. Malicious acts of vandalism, drunken accidents by revellers, graffiti and commercial burglary all increase in the winter months. The good news is, there is a way to mitigate these risks. By installing the security window film onto the glazing of your premises.

There are many key benefits window film offers when it comes to protecting your business. The most common reasons why people use window film products to increase safety and security:


Prevent Glass Shattering


You can apply a safety window film to the outside or inside of your windows – or even both. It holds together pieces of glass when a window breaks and prevents shattering from causing further damage, or injury. It can also be used within your premises on areas such as; partitions made of glass. Frosted films prevent people from bumping into glazing. 


Anti-Graffiti Window Film


If you’re worried about your windows covered in graffiti, then an anti-graffiti window film is the ideal solution for your peace of mind. Apply in minutes to the outside of your windows, and, not only is it more difficult for paint to adhere to the surface, you can peel the anti-graffiti window film off and replace. It is far cheaper than cleaning off the paint or replacing the entire window.


Obscure view into the store


Frosted glass is expensive to buy and replace, but is very useful when you wish to obscure the view into a building. Shops may have shutters to protect main display windows but, you can cover other glazed areas with security window film to stop prying eyes from looking into private areas.


Prevent Burglary

Safety window film can also work along with other measures to prevent or reduce the risk of burglary. It obscures the view into your premises. Making it difficult for thieves to smash a window and gain entry due to its adhesive properties holding the pieces of broken glass together. If you have an empty shop or office building, then a security window film can be used to obscure the view inside. Making the building and its contents less attractive to any passing opportunist thieves.


Security Window Film from Purlfrost


Purlfrost are a specialist window film company serving businesses in the United Kingdom with a range of high-quality adhesive products for use on windows and smooth surfaces. We have supplied businesses in the UK with safety window film, wall coverings and window stickers since 2003. Whether you wish to protect privacy with a frosted or reflective window film or add appeal to your storefront with a custom-printed promotional design, our range of premium window films contains the solution to almost any window-related problem. You can have our products delivered direct to your door and applied in minutes.

What Are The Benefits of using Solar Control Window Film?

We get precious little sunshine here in the UK for most of the year. The summer months can create all kinds of havoc when it does finally pop out from behind the clouds. We all want plenty of light to get into our homes through our windows, but the ultraviolet (UV) element of sunlight has other, less desirable effects. For example, faded furniture, photographs and wallpaper, unbearable indoor heat and even skin problems can all result from too much exposure to the sun. There is a simple solution to all of these problems. Reducing window glare and still letting you enjoy the all-too-short British summer: solar control window film.

Window Film UV Protection

What Are The Benefits of using Solar Control Window Film?

Solar control window film is easily fitted to your existing windows and reduces some undesirable effects of the sun. You can use it to block out as much or as little of the sun’s light as you desire. Making it a flexible, lower-cost alternative to blocking up or replacing the glass in your windows.

Here are some of the main benefits of coloured window film:

UV Protection

A coloured window film with UV protection can save your furnishings, wallpaper and paintwork from fading in the sunlight. There are also a number of health benefits associated with reduced exposure to UV light, which is linked to eye and skin problems. The UV protection window film from Purlfrost can block up to 99.5% of the harmful rays – compared to Low-E glass which stops just 60%.

Heat Rejection Window Film Can Reduce Up To 99% of UV Light

Reduced temperature in summer

At the other end of the spectrum is infrared light – which is the part that causes heat. Heat rejection and window insulation film reduces the excessive build-up of heat on hot sunny days. The film is made of a thin, self-adhesive metallised material that is designed to block the infrared light and preventing it from filtering into your home.

Reduced heating bills in winter

Heat rejection and window insulation film also help to limit heat loss in winter. With the same ultraviolet light protection mechanism allowing it to block heat from entering your home in the summertime. How much money you can save will vary, depending on your home. But, the less you need to use your heating to top up the temperature the more money you will save.

Reduce window glare

Another benefit of solar control window film is that it can reduce window glare. Various grades of the film are available to block out as much or as little light as you require. Tinted window film may help with home office productivity if you get reflections on your monitor screen. Purlfrost solar control film can reduce glare by as much as 90%.

The visual benefits of coloured film

You can add style to one or more windows in your home by using coloured film, reflective films (which also help to prevent a room from turning into a greenhouse) or even blackout films that block all of the light completely. Because the film can be removed later, it is ideal for temporarily creating a darkroom or adding a splash of colour for a sporting event or public celebration.

How hard is it to apply and remove window film?

The self-adhesive window film is ordered in the specific size you need. You apply with a soapy water solution and a squeegee. This makes it simple for even an inexperienced DIY fitter to apply it without bubbles. Full instructions are provided, and there are even videos on the Purlfrost website to show you how easy it is to install. If you decide that you want to remove the window film at a later point in time, this can easily be done (a minimum of four weeks after application) with just a spray bottle of soapy water and a glass scraper. During its life, the film can be cleaned – only soapy water and a squeegee are required as anything abrasive could scratch and damage the film.

How to apply UV Window Film


Purlfrost is a specialist window film provider serving the United Kingdom with high-quality adhesive window products. We have been supplying the UK with window film, window stickers and wall coverings since 2003. The solar film offers a modern alternative to blinds or curtains for homes and offices. Whether you want to protect your privacy with a frosted or reflective window film or add period appeal to your property with a custom-printed stained glass-style door design, our range of premium window film has the solution to your problem. All our products can be delivered directly to your door and they are easily applied in a matter of minutes.


Heritage Patterned Window Film For Period Homes

If you are an owner of a period property, then you will appreciate just how difficult is to make decorative changes that are sympathetic with the character of the building and its existing décor without breaking the bank. The good news is that – at least when it comes to your windows – there is an attractive and low-cost option that can be in-keeping with the house’s character while remaining attractive: Heritage Patterned Window Film.

Heritage Patterned Window Film

Heritage patterns help you to keep the unique style of your period home without having to go to the expense of completely replacing the glazing in your heritage windows. A variety of patterned window film designs are available, and we can also make new patterns to your specification, on request. All you have to do is call us with full details of what you need, and we can prepare a quote.

Sullivan Pattern


If you want to revitalise the bathroom or kitchen in your period home, you can use our heritage patterned window films to give that period look for far lower cost than new glazing. Alternatively, you can retain the existing windows and have the benefits of specialist glass at a fraction of the cost – and because heritage patterned window film is temporary, you can change the look as often as you want without making any permanent changes.


In the kitchen, you might choose to add glass partitions imprinted with an attractive design or add character to any glass-fronted cupboards. For the external windows, you can add partial or complete frosting for privacy or use attractive design elements to improve the look of your property.


In the bathroom, as well as using window film to easily make any glass into privacy glass, you could also use window stickers to add decals or motifs to other glazed areas such as mirrors, glass blocks and shower screens. The possibilities really are limitless when you choose window film from Purlfrost!



One of the main advantages of using patterned window film is the added privacy that it affords you – without having to replace heritage glazing with modern frosted glass, you can ensure that you are not overlooked while keeping the period character of your property and avoiding making any major changes that could be problematic to reverse in the future. You can even use window film instead of blinds or curtains to keep your windows wide and allow plenty of light in without cluttering them up with upholstery!

Sherbourne                     Kendal                    Chesterfield


There are several different types of window film available for your heritage windows:

Clear film: this kind of film allows you to see out through the window. It can be imprinted with a pattern, such as a criss-crossed “leading” design or even a stained-glass effect if you so desire.

Coloured film: Opaque coloured film offers you complete privacy day and night – but be aware that you will not be able to see out of the window if you completely cover it with one of our solid coloured designs!



Purfrost are specialists in window film, window stickers and wall coverings for the UK. We launched in 2003, and since then we have been offering beautiful window film as an alternative to blinds and curtains for homes. You may wish to add privacy to your windows with a frosted window film or add appeal to your period property with a customised stained glass-style design – whatever you choose, our range of window film products that can be delivered direct to your door and applied in a matter of minutes with astonishing results.

Spruce up your Summer Window Display with Stickers

Summer Themed Window Displays

It is not long since Easter, but after a long winter, we were treated to some unseasonably warm weather this Spring. As a result, the country is already starting to gear up for summer, and shops everywhere will be starting to think about livening up their retail summer window displays. This year’s design trends are floral and fauna patterns, so if you are looking for the most cost-effective way to spruce up your shop windows you really ought to think about investing in some attractive bespoke retail window stickers.

Retail Window Stickers with Custom Graphics

At Purlfrost, we make retail window stickers in a variety of styles so even if you do not have an in-house design team at your fingertips you will be able to find something to suit your needs. Our window stickers are suitable for either long-term or short-term use. If you choose the hard-wearing vinyl stickers then you can carefully peel them off your glazing at the end of the season and use them again for promotional periods year after year. We use a UV resistant ink to ensure the longevity of the decals you choose, and it is really easy to apply the window film to windows. You can either do it yourself or take advantage of our fitting service Purl-Fit.


Consistent corporate branding is really important in the retail environment, and bespoke retail window decals are the perfect low-cost solution for updating your branding or adding new colours or patterns to go alongside your existing point of sale material. If you have recently redesigned your logo you could even have it printed on one of our durable bespoke retail window decals and make it the focal point of your retail summer window displays.

Why choose window decals?

There are many benefits of branded window stickers in retail:

  • Bespoke retail window stickers can be reused year after year
  • Stickers look professional and can match your branding
  • Window decals are quick to apply and quick to remove, so you can easily set up and take down even a short term promotion
  • Window stickers can be applied to either the interior or exterior of the windows, with internal stickers being printed in reverse

Custom Printing Service

As well as promoting sales or corporate logos, many clients use our bespoke retail window stickers to apply to the glazed panels in their doors to clearly display their opening hours to their customers. Because every retailer has different opening hours, many retailers will need a custom sticker printing service. That’s where Purlfrost comes in! Our custom printing service is simple to use. Even if you can’t find the design that you are looking for in our range, we can still help.


If you already have your artwork designed or printed, then you can call us for a quote. We will need you to send us a copy of your design as a high-resolution file, which your design team will be able to provide. If you do not already have a finished sticker design, then we also offer an affordable artwork creation service. All you have to do to is contact us with details of what you want on your custom window sticker, along with your desired layout and size and we will prepare a quote for you.

Purlfit – Window sticker fitting service

If you do not have the time or expertise to fit your new window stickers yourself, then we also offer Purlfit – our window sticker fitting service. We cover the London and Greater London area, as well as most places within 50 miles of central London. Our team of professionally trained window film installers are ready to help with your projects – anything from installing your window display stickers to a full commercial window tinting service for your entire building. We follow the guidelines of the Glass and Glazing Federation, and our installers all carry a current CSCS card with them, which allows them to work on building sites. You can call us to talk to a member of our team about your needs, and we can give you a free no obligation quotation.

Purlfrost – Window Stickers for Retail

Don’t get caught out if we are lucky enough to have an early summer – the time to start planning your floral summer window displays is now. You can order a set of bespoke retail window decals for retail summer window displays from Purlfrost online, and you canview our entire range of products and services on our website.


How Personalised House Number Stickers Can Affect The Appearance Of Your Home

Do delivery drivers have trouble finding your house? Do you often find visitors driving past a couple of times before finding your address? Many modern estates, in particular, have unorthodox numbering conventions and it is not always simple to find the house you are looking for. Displaying your house number prominently is the solution, but it can be a problem finding an appropriate space to display your house number clearly. The solution is decorative house numbers from Purlfrost.

How Personalised House Number Stickers Can Affect The Appearance Of Your Home

If the houses nearby all look similar, it can be difficult to make your home stand out. When it comes to new builds especially, there are often limitations on changing the external appearance too drastically. It is possible to make a small change that will really affect the appearance of your home. For example, displaying stickers with your house number in your own choice of design, font and colour scheme.

Our self-adhesive house number stickers are:

Available in your choice of design;

● Made to measure;

● Easy to apply without bubbles;

● Free application tool

Personalised House Numbers

Adhesive house numbers are a quick and easy way to show the world your house number. They are particularly useful if you have a fanlight above your door but do not want to go to the expense of having special glass made up. You can have a stained-glass effect – or whatever style you choose – and change it as often as you like.

If you have a door glazing then the decorative house numbers can stick to that instead, or even onto the exterior of the uPVC frame itself. For the best results, we recommend applying the stickers to the inside of the glass, protecting it from the elements. The external application is possible if your glass is frosted and would make the number illegible were it attached internally.

Decorative House Numbers

The custom-made house numbers and name stickers from Purlfrost are simple when applying to any glazed or smooth surface. They will really make your house stand out from the others on the street. They are perfect for a transom window or fanlight above a door, or a glass panel in the door itself. You can have our house number stickers made to the exact measurements you require. A choice of finishes are available: frosted film coloured vinyl or stained glass effect. Our online design service is simple to use and allows you to design personalised house numbers sticker or house name in your choice of colours and fonts. Adhesive house numbers are easy to apply and will last for many years.

Adhesive House Numbers

Our personalised house numbers are designed to be applied directly to glass windows or doors. As long as the design you select has enough space, you could have a house name instead of a number. As well as house numbers for your front door, we can also supply adhesive numbers to be used on other items. For example, wheelie bins – the stickers will adhere to plastic, metal and almost any other smooth and flat surface. Get in touch with us here at Purlfrost today to discuss your needs!

6 Things To Include In Your Easter Shop Window Displays

Creating a cool shop window display for Easter is not as hard as you might think. With window stickers from Purlfrost it is possible to create an attractive Easter theme without any trouble. Window stickers are easy to apply and easy to remove, and some types can even be used again year after year!

All you need for the perfect window display is a little bit of imagination, a basic idea of the themes you want to use, and some props. With window stickers from Purlfrost you can turn the mediocre into a merchandising masterpiece. So, without further ado, what are the six key components for an Easter shop window display?

 1 – Pastel Colours

At Easter time, pastel colours are the order of the day. A palette made of light blues, pinks, greens and yellows will evoke the idea of new life in spring and draw customer’s eyes into your window display. As well as choosing products in these themes you may also want to add tissue paper, fabric or other props to complete the look.


2 – Baby Animals

Easter is the time when baby animals begin to be born, and a few toy chicks or stuffed rabbits will go a long way towards inspiring onlookers. You could also use images of these animals in your window decoration stickers.


3 – Flowers

In the Springtime, the flowers start to burst with colour. Images or models of daffodils and other springtime flowers will set off your window display. If you have the patience and time to take care of them, you might even choose to opt for vases of real flowers amongst your products.


4 – Greenery

The leaves are growing back on the trees and the first shoots of springtime are well on their way so why not add greenery to your shop window display. Of course, growing real grass in your storefront might not be practical, but Purlfrost produce a range of borders with colourful images of grass and flowers that you can apply to the bottom of the windows.


5 – Easter Eggs 

Probably the biggest symbol of Easter – at least in the world of retail – is the Easter egg. Colourful, beautifully decorated eggs have been a key part of the holiday for centuries, and so you might want to incorporate them into your stickers and designs. Why not hide some and encourage shoppers to go on an Easter egg hunt to encourage them to spend more time in-store?


6 – The Easter Bunny

Every holiday has its main character, and in the case of Easter who else but the Easter bunny? Why not let him make an appearance in your window this Easter by choosing an Easter window sticker with an image of this perennial favourite?

The Perfect Shop Window Display with Window Stickers

How do you incorporate all these ideas into your display while keeping enough floor space to show off your Easter products? The solution is window stickers from Purlfrost – you can frame your window display in the designs and colours of your choosing. It is so simple to add an Easter feel to a window with window stickers that you will wonder how you ever coped without them!

Easter border shop window stickers for retail outlets.

Shop window stickers can be ordered in your choice of colour, size and material. They apply easily to glass or other smooth, flat surfaces including plastic, metal or even wood if you select the self-adhesive option. As well as our standard sizes, most of our designs can be purchased as large individual stickers, and often as packs of individual stickers in varying sizes.

When you order, you choose whether you intend to apply the sticker on the inside of the glass (printed in reverse), or externally (print as seen). Our designs are all digitally printed with UV resistant inks to ensure the colours last for a long time. We even back print the design with white ink to make colours look more vibrant through glass.

To find out more information and find the perfect solution for your shop window display, contact us today!


How Unique Wall Murals Can Help Brighten Up Your Home

How Unique Wall Murals Can Help Brighten Up Your Home Redecorating can be a pain. What if there was a way that you could freshen up your room and make it exactly how you want it to be? Unique wall murals are a flexible way to create your own custom designed wall decal that is both attractive and bespoke to you. Best of all, the custom wallpaper is really simple to apply.

How Unique Wall Murals Can Help Brighten Up Your Home

Feature walls are the perfect solution to changing the look of a room with the minimum of fuss. You simply choose a neutral tone and then designate a single wall for a bold design that becomes a focal point. Redecorating is then simply a matter of changing the look of that feature wall. Some people go for a different solid colour or use a patterned wallpaper instead of plain. If you want to do something that is truly different, then unique wall murals offer you an opportunity to come up with your own design, unique to your home, which will astonish and impress visitors in equal measure. Wall murals can be used in the living room, the bedroom and even the bathroom.

Using Bespoke Wall Murals

Bespoke wall murals are the perfect way to create a beautiful feature wall quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Changing the look of the room is as simple – you just create your own wall decal to your specification. It is so easy to add the wow factor to your home, bar or restaurant with a stunning wall mural in the size you need to create a fabulous feature wall. You can use your own original artwork, photographs or vintage imagery. If you are stuck for ideas, a range of designs are available to choose from which can be resized to the exact measurements you need. The finished design is digitally printed onto wallpaper. There are loads of themes to choose from, so whether you want fine art, sport, music or nature there is something for you.

Create Your Own Wall Decalto Brighten up a Bedroom

Kids bedrooms are one of the trickiest places to decorate. Their tastes change so frequently and finding the right design can be a nightmare for parents. Why not create your own wall decal from one of their own pictures, or use a predesigned image from the collection of themes, such as space, aeronautical or motorsport? By using your an image that was created yourself, you will have a unique design that can be changed whenever you want, and when you have a feature wall you do not need to redecorate the entire room every time the children find a new fad.

Beautiful Custom Designed Wall Murals from Purlfrost

All of the wall mural designs available from Purlfrost can easily be resized to the exact measurements that you require. For wider walls, the designs are supplied in several wallpaper drops of equal size, each one with a maximum width of 125 centimetres. The application process is simple – the design is digitally printed onto a standard wallpaper which is applied the usual way. Because the service is bespoke, any artwork, image or photograph can be digitally printed to your exact requirements. A range of image formats can be supported, from photographs at a minimum resolution of 300dpi to vector graphics for scalable logos. So, if you would like to brighten up your home with bespoke wall murals then contact Purlfrost to find out how easy it is to create a unique and attractive custom wall decal for your home.