Does Window Film Prevent Fading?

An office with a desk and chair and window film


Have you ever noticed that your furniture looks a little bit faded? This can be caused by constant exposure to sunlight, even through your windows. You’ll notice it if you have furniture where one piece of it is regularly exposed to the sun – it’ll look lighter.

If you’re looking for a solution to fading interiors, then window film can help. Here’s everything you need to know about how window film can prevent fading.

What causes furniture to fade?

Sunlight, while essential for creating a bright and inviting living space, can wreak havoc on your furniture. Sunlight hitting furniture, upholstery and carpets regularly can effectively “bleach” the colour out of your furniture. 

Ultraviolet rays in sunlight are the most common reason for furniture fading. They can penetrate through windows and cause the most damage to the colours of your furniture. The everyday light we see also plays a significant role in fading too, gradually altering the colours of your furnishings. Solar heat caused by sunlight also contributes to faster fading.

How does window film prevent fading?

Window film acts as a UV filter, preventing these harmful rays from penetrating your windows and safeguarding the vibrancy of your furniture. It also reduces glare, which can accelerate fading, giving you a dual-layer of protection for your furniture.

By effectively blocking UV rays and reducing glare, window film ensures long-term protection against fading. Solar window film can help with heat reduction, glare reduction and UV control so that your furniture stays looking good for longer.

Other benefits of window film

While preventing fading is a big advantage of window film, there are other benefits too. Solar window film can help you reduce energy costs and consumption as well as protect from fading. They can also help you create more privacy in your living space, so you can enjoy natural light while maintaining privacy.

Window film also comes in different patterns and styles. This can seriously add to the aesthetics of your home and if you fancy a change to your decor, you can easily change your window films. They’re easy to apply and remove but stay in place as long as you need them to. Window film is a budget-friendly option, especially compared to specialist glass or designs. 

Ready to shield your furniture from the fading effects of sunlight? Find out more about our range of window film.