How To Use Blackout Window Film

There are lots of reasons to add a window covering in your home, especially with blackout window film. You might be overlooked at home and want some extra privacy, there might be light that shines in from a neighbouring property or you might find it difficult to sleep in a bright room, especially if you work night shifts

Blackout window film is easy to apply, can be custom-fitted if your windows aren’t a standard size and isn’t permanent, so if you change your mind (or your lifestyle) and don’t need blackout windows any more then you can change your decor just as easily. This makes it ideal if you’d rather spend your budget on your other home accessories, you have a large space to cover or you want to balance warmth, light and budget.

The other great thing about blackout window film is that it doesn’t have to be black either. If you’re worried about adding lots of black into your space, then try a white blackout window film for an easy reflective look that’s great for concealing items that you’d rather keep hidden.

Where To Use Blackout Window Film in the Home

Blackout window film has a whole host of uses in the home. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use this innovative window film in your home.


Blackout curtains are great if you need a room to be completely dark before you can get to sleep but blackout window film can be even better. Especially if you’re overlooked at home and want to enjoy more privacy. If your work pattern means that you sleep during the day then being able to black out the daylight can make a huge difference to how well you rest.

blackout window film bedroom


Add blackout window film to your bedroom windows and get a great night’s sleep. If you’re worried about it not fitting with your decor then try white blackout window film for a more neutral, stylish option.

Living Room


Lots of us choose to relax in our living room at night watching TV, reading, gaming or spending time with family but light pollution can be a pain. Glare from outside lighting can make the TV screen difficult to see, passing car headlights can upset people and pets alike and people’s over-sensitive security lights can be a real pain.

A white blackout window film can be a great solution without feeling as oppressive as black in a living space. A blackout window film will allow you the privacy and relaxation that you want to experience at home, especially if you live on the ground floor or in a busy area.

blackout window film living room


Blackout blinds can help you to keep a more consistent temperature in the kitchen, and stop glare from interfering with your culinary delights. Sometimes when you’re cooking a room can get far too hot. Blackout blinds can help with this as they keep the temperature more regular – even more important if you’re doing precision food preparation that needs a consistent environment.

blackout window films kitchen


A relaxing bath at night isn’t as relaxing if you’re worried about people looking in or light shining into the room. Blackout window film can help to protect your privacy, especially if you live on the ground floor or a busy road where public transport passes by. 

Blackout film can also help to keep temperature regular as tiled floors, baths and tiled walls can all feel cold. Porcelain tends to suck the heat from the air as it’s a cold surface – blackout film can help you avoid this as well as stopping windows from letting drafts in.

blackout window film bathroom

Study or Home Office

We all know the feeling of having lots on our to-do list and getting distracted far too easily. Blackout window film can help with this as it stops distractions and gives you a calmer, more consistent space. This is great if you need the same lighting conditions for your work or want to keep glare away from the screen when you’re working.

It can also be useful for security and feeling safer, especially if your office isn’t connected to the rest of the home or you work alone at home a lot of the time.

blackout window films home office

Garage, Outbuildings, Sheds and Basements

Garages, outbuildings and basements are often more accessible than the rest of the home. This can mean that they’re a target for thieves, especially if they contain items that are of value (and are commonly stolen as a result). Keep unwanted guests out by concealing what outbuildings contain to reduce opportunistic theft with a blackout window film.

Prevention is often far more preferable than having to deal with the aftermath of a break in. Only a few items might be stolen but the repair work and work to re-secure the property can all add up. A blackout window film can help you to regulate temperature too, which can be tricky in a draughty outbuilding.

blackout window building

Blackout Window Film Is Better Than Curtains and Blinds

If you’ve ever had your sleep or privacy disturbed then you’ll know just how great the extra privacy, security and light shielding with blackout curtains, blinds or films can be. They’re not just for business or commercial purposes either, however they can work really well in dual purpose spaces as more of us work from home or look to have an ongoing side-hustle and store stock in the home.

With blackout window film you can cut it to fit any shape of window which makes it ideal for unusual spaces, period properties with alcoves or outbuildings. It’s also often more cost-effective than custom-made curtains and blinds as it’s so simple to fit. For large areas or outbuildings where you don’t want to spend lots of money then blackout window film is an ideal, easy solution.

Take a look at the blackout window films in stock that can be cut to any size or shape. They’re available in black or white and block out light as well as protecting your privacy.